Special New Podcast On Last Week’s 10Bet Trey Mullinax ‘100/1 or 175/1’? Saga

In this very special new episode of the SBC Podcast, I was joined by my partner-in-crime Tom Brownlee to unpack all of the gory details about what took place last week regarding the bookmaker 10bet and their unsuccessful attempt to change the payouts they owed on the winning golfer – Trey Mullinax.

Having settled bets on Mullinax originally at 175/1, 10Bet tried to adjust this 48 hours after he won to 100/1, much to the disgust of many in the betting world.

Unwilling to let them get away with this, Tom and I campaigned vigorously about it on social media and just 48 hours later, 10Bet relented and re-resettled it at 175/1 – the correct price.

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As good as it was to secure a ‘win’ when it came to this one bet, there are some important points we also wanted to raise through the release of this podcast.

This is because issues like this go beyond just one bookmaker and one bet as it also speaks to the failure of those in power to regulate of the industry and the need for a stronger, more resourced ombudsman of some kind.

It raises questions for the likes of the Gambling Commission, IBAS, The BGC and even Oddschecker.

We also talk about the impact of this behaviour on the black market and ask if punters can’t trust the regulated industry, what is to stop them betting with unlicensed firms through the likes of Whatsapp?

All told its a very deep dive into the issues in the industry at present – all of which were brought to the fore once again by how 10bet handled the bets they took on Trey Mullinax

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