How To Win In Today’s Bookie Dominated World

If like many, you are struggling to cope in today’s bookie dominated world, then the release of the latest Smart Betting Club magazine is here to help.

Whether its learning how to get your racing bets on, understanding how bookies identify ‘shrewd’ gamblers or how to build sustainable betting profits, it has something for you.

Here in more detail is what this latest bookie-special SBC mag reveals…

1. How Bookies Really Work – Our Insider Reveals All

To help get the real truth on bookmakers, we have gone behind enemy lines and recruited an active betting industry employee to spill the beans. He has signed up to be SBC’s industry mole and will be reporting back regularly via our future reports.

In his first article, he reveals 2 things – what exactly (in detail) bookies look for to identify shrewd punters and what we can do to avoid detection. As part of this last point, our ‘mole’ also lists his 8 point guide on how to pretend to be a mug-punter – crucial tips to avoid unwanted attention!


2. The 5 Stages Of A Successful Gambler – ‘The Evolution Of A Profitable Bettor’

Our goal here at SBC is to not help you simply make one-off profits, but a sustainable long-term income that can serve you for years to come. One way to achieve this is to understand exactly how to build your betting profits with that in mind, including the sports and markets you should target and when.

Each of the 5 stages in this article will guide you along the path of a profitable bettor from total novice to consistent winner, able to bet without issue. As it was penned by a time-served gambler and is based on his own real-life experiences you can be assured this methodology works.

3) The Pro Punter With 15 Years Betting Experience

One man who has seen it all and bought the t-shirt when it comes to taking on the bookies is Tom Millard, who for 15 years has been actively involved in the betting world. During this time, he has  had to constantly adapt his own punting and none more so than recently thanks to the stricter than ever ‘risk management’ employed by certain bookmakers.

Read all about Tom’s experiences, his tips for staying one step ahead of the bookmakers plus the theory on how to use family or friends to open betting accounts for you to use (and the software to help avoid detection).

4) ‘Forked Tongues’ Author Exclusive Interview

One of the most active critics of the current state of the UK Horse Racing Bookmaker scene is Mick McDermott, the author of the book ‘Speaking With Forked Tongues’

Mick was kind enough to answer a few of our questions about the book, his thoughts on the bookmaking & betting industry plus his suggestions for change in the future in this exclusive interview.

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