Why The First 6 Weeks Of The Season Matter – 23% ROI From 449 Bets

The new football season is nearly upon us.  The television companies are cranking up the hype, there are pull out guides galore, and football bettors the world over are full of hope and optimism as they prepare for the imminent battle against the bookmakers.

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Seasoned followers of The Fink Tank Football Service go a step further, for they are full of expectation too, especially given its form during the first 6 weeks of the season, which stands at 23% ROI from 449 bets over the last 7 seasons (But more about that soon!)

Yet betting during the first 6 games of the season is frowned upon by many gamblers as a rule – something I wanted to investigate further to find out exactly why…

Is the beginning of the season not a tricky time for football bettors?

There is no form to go on.  Teams are still wheeling and dealing in the transfer market.  Players are not all properly match fit.  You’re backing a team that has lost all their pre-season friendlies, etc. etc.

On the face of it, there are a lot of reasons why so many bettors believe it wise to wait a few weeks before putting on their betting boots.  Give it a few weeks for the form to settle down, for new players to settle in, for squads to be finalised before the transfer window closes.

But what if we consider that to create an edge in the betting markets we need to go against crowd thinking?  This is what the best gamblers do, and the best betting systems…and we believe our Fink Tank Systems are amongst the very best!

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The first 6 weeks – why the Fink Tank bucks the trend…

Back in our 2013/14 Season Fink Tank System Guide, we highlighted a potentially interesting area of strong performance – the fact that first few rounds of the season had generated particularly good profits.

At the time we said “profitability to date has been excellent (ROI 19.2),” but we suggested we needed “to see if the early season pattern holds up over a larger sample size as we gather more results this season and beyond”.

With two more seasons under our belt, we returned to this analysis in our 2015/16 Fink Tank Guide, and found that our theory that the first six weeks of the season are very profitable indeed was bang on!

Take a look at the following table.  It shows the results of backing each of our Win Value 15 Fink Tank System bets through the first six weeks of each season:


As you can see from this table, in total there have been 449 bets that qualify, which have generated a profit of 103.4 points at an outstanding 23% Return On Investment!!!

Some seasons have been better than others but there is a clear pattern of strong performance over a pretty solid number of bets. Those of you skipping the first six weeks of the season with this system are clearly missing out!

Why does The Fink Tank do so well, when everyone else is running scared?

In these early games, the Fink Tank Systems have to rely more on data from the previous season, and it would appear that they do this to great effect.

One possible theory to support this finding relates to the early season hype we traditionally see both in the media and with supporters. Whilst longer-term evidence suggests most teams see only modest changes in their accumulated points and league position from one season to the next, perhaps the market over-reacts to the excitement of the summer signings and ongoing transfer talk during those opening weeks of a new season.

Certainly this would explain why the Fink Tank Systems are so powerful at this early stage of the season.  It’s like we said above, it’s the ability to go against the crowd that creates an edge.  From what we’ve seen, our Fink Tank Systems do this perfectly!

Beyond the first six weeks – how much money can I make through the season?

We feel it is essential to sign up to our exclusive Fink Tank Systems before the new season gets underway, so that you can take advantage of what has proven to be a particularly lucrative first six weeks of the season.

But what about the rest of what is a long season?  We’re sure you don’t want to make a load of profit at the beginning of the season, and then lose it all over the remainder!

Here is a table that shows how much money you would have made from following each of our fourFink Tank Systems through each season since 2008/09, if starting with a simple £2,000 bank:

Fink Tank All-Time Profit

How do I get access to The Fink Tank Systems?

You can now follow the Fink Tank exclusively with the SBC during the 2015/16 season, via our new Fink Tank Football Betting Service.

By signing up you will receive all the best value bets highlighted by the powerful Fink Tank ratings including all the bets from our four systems, every Friday and Monday of the season.

What’s more – those of you with either a Gold or Platinum SBC membership can save up to £50 on the cost of following the Fink Tank this season.

If keen to get started, the first Fink Tank bets are coming this Friday at Midday so make sure you sign-up right away to avoid missing out!

Full details can be found at the Fink Tank Football Service page.

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