Top Nine Betting Articles From 2012

To help kick-start your betting for the New Year, we have rounded up the most popular betting articles from last year for you all to enjoy. Below are our nine most read betting articles from the SBC Blog…

1. Under/Over Goal Betting Explained
One of the most popular bet formats for football is the over/under goals market with the most popular under or over 2.5 goals. Includes a full table on all common goal lines including 1.75, 2.25 and 2.75.

2. How Good Are Tom Segal & Pricewise Extra?
Earlier this year we examined the record of Pricewise Extra and its chief tipster Tom Segal. Find out just how it stands up to scrutiny.

3. How To Bet On Corners Part 1 & Part 2
Many people are turning to new ways of profiting from football betting and one such niche angle is that of corners betting. Read our 2 part guide on all aspects of how to do it.

4. How Good A Golf Tipster Is Steve Palmer?
Before the start of the Open in July we scrutinised the Racing Post’s top Golf tipster Steve Palmer betting record for the year.

5. Six Top Tips For Avoiding Mug Football Bets
We asked 6 of our top football tipsters for their best advice on how to avoid ‘mug’ football bets – the type that pay for the bookies to go on holiday. Read their full advice.

6. The Secrets Of Pricewise Review
Read a summary from our review of the recent Racing Post book ‘The Secrets of Pricewise’ and whether it can help change your betting outlook.

7. Five Expert Football Betting Tips From A Pro Gambler
Resident non-league football betting expert Skeeve shares his 5 top tips on how you can follow him and make a profit from niche bets.

8. What’s The Most Profitable Sport To Bet On? Horse Racing or Football?
One of the most common questions we get asked is which sport makes the most profit – Horse Racing or Football? Read our examination of both sports and which one ends up on top!

9. The £5 Million Betting Fraud Scandal & How To Spot Good, Bad & Ugly Tipsters
Details on the biggest betting scams to take place in the UK plus our checklist of questions on what to ask any tipster before you join them.

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