Tipster Analysis: Just How Can You Profit Betting By Following A Tipster Service?

Betting in today’s world is becoming ever popular, with everything from the likes of Cheltenham and the Grand National to IPL Cricket and the US Golf Masters attracting more punting attention than even before.

Its why we are seeing more newcomers to betting joining us here at SBC with very often one common question: Just how can you make money betting with a tipster…as a newcomer..and on a budget?

Today I want to tackle that issue head-on with some professional advice and by using a real-life example from my own betting portfolio, whereby one budget tipster I road-tested proved how they could make £2,377.50 in the next 12 months.

Busting The ‘Every Tipster Is Expensive’ Myth

One of the biggest myths about the tipster world you can dispense with right away, is the need for a huge amount of cash to get started. This is because the vast majority of tipsters we monitor at SBC are very affordable and under the £1 a day marker. Much less than buying the Racing Post each day.

Its a world away from the tipster dinosaurs that continue to use premium phone lines or glossy mail shots to talk about ‘racing coups’ or ‘inside information’. You wont find us advising you to join Tommo’s service for example (Read here if you need to know why!)

To find the right tipsters, our monthly Tipster Profit Report and Hall of Fame highlights the best ones to follow, with the vast majority very affordable so its easy to pick them out.

Be A Betting & Tipster Tortoise, Not A Hare!

Next up, my next tip is to take things slowly and to forget about the pressure of making thousands right away. I see far too many people (not many SBC members I hasten to add) who wade in with bets of £100 here and £200 there, when they haven’t put the groundwork in place.

Sure, in the future, if like some of the seasoned gamblers we have onboard you make it a success, you might be working to these sums. The difference is however that these professional gamblers are staking money already won via gambling and working to rigid betting banks. Far better after all to bet with money won!

When I started out betting it took me a while to start to turn a profit, but once I did, my % growth figures were such that I became very confident in my approach. Turning £1000 into £1,200 in 1 month, might not seem a lot but as a percentage, that’s 20% growth and if you had a £10,000 bank, would represent £2,000 profit.

Let me show you further with a real-life tipster example…

My Real-Life Tipster Staking Test

Just recently I began following one of the very highly rated racing tipsters as taken from our monthly Tipster Profit Report. On the cusp of our Hall of Fame I wanted to test him out further with my own staking to see just how good he actually is, in order to report back to members (and also further boost my own betting!)

In the interests of fairness, because we monitor over 25 different racing tipsters, I don’t want to identify him here to avoid accusations of favoritism. So I will refer to him for this article as simply ‘Tipster X’.

We provide betting bank recommendations for each service and so for his particular staking plan I decided to work at simple stakes of £70 a point. That might sound a lot but in an average month due to Tipster X’s low staking plan, this works out at an outlay of between £200 and £400 so it’s not a huge risk by any means. Each tipster’s staking is different so identifying the right betting bank is always key.

In my testing month I was able to view my own odds achieved in comparison to his advised prices but to small stakes for me.  The question I was asking was …Can I follow this tipster service practically and is it for me? I know it’s a good service as I reviewed it myself back in SBC 67 but it needs to suit me personally.

During this testing period, Tipster X advised 11 bets with 6 winners and 5 losers, with a total outlay to my staking plan of £385 and a profit of £20 to the prices I have achieved. It wasn’t a classic month by his standards and whilst £20 profit sounds low, it’s actually 5.19% ROI.

The odds I have achieved have been almost identical to those advised by Tipster X with better odds managed on 2 occasions and worst ones on 3 occasions. The differences though have been marginal such as taking 0.57 on a bet advised at 0.61 or 0.97 on something advised at 0.91.

Basically it made me fully confident that I can more or less almost identically match the profits he can make. His first 11 tips weren’t amazingly profitable, but over the course of a year and perhaps 150 or so tips, I could expect his quality to shine through.

Looking forward at his 12 month returns as I have copied below, I can tell from my staking plan over the course of the year I can expect to risk £5,512 and make £2,377.5 profit. More than doubling my starting bank.

I also know that with the cost of Tipster X’s service at just £20 a month, this represents just 1/10th of the profits I am likely to make.

BetsStakesProfitROI %ROC %
Last 12 months 147.0078.7531.740.25%105.66%

So there you go, an easy look at how being sensible, starting slowly and using properly recommended and affordable tipsters can work out. Tipster X conceivably at my simple staking plan will make me over £2,300 profit over an average 12 month period.

This article was adapted from a recent ‘how to make money betting with a tipster’ article in March’s Smart Betting Club magazine.

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