2 big wins in the past 10 days for SBC’s tipster blogger!

Here at SBC we don’t just talk about following tipsters, we actually live and breathe it out ourselves each day – placing bets from many of the same tipsters we rate and recommend.

Which is why for the past 7 years, SBC writer and reviewer, Rowan Day has been blogging about his own experiences using tipsters and their ongoing performance via his FREE Online Bet Diary.

He lists not only the tipsters he follows but the profits and losses made each week.


As long-term Bet Diary readers will know, Rowan has been making a fine profit using tipsters for several years but lately he has hit a few big winners and I wanted to highlight a couple of highlights for you to check out.

First of all, on Sunday he hit not just one big golf winner, but two with 100/1 and 66/1 successes in both the PGA and DP world events as he outlines in this post.

That followed on from a huge winning day on the racing last week where he made 150% bank growth with one very successful Lucky 15. I have seen the betslip and can confirm it was a sizeable win indeed!


Posting 3 times a week on his Racing, Sports & Golf Tipsters, win or lose – Rowan is always refreshingly honest and realistic on the performance he achieves.

You can read Rowan’s weekly updates every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday via the Smart Betting Club Bet Diary.


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For even more intel on his approach to making a profit using tipsters, you can also listen to this podcast interview with Rowan Day on what he made betting over the past 12 months.

You can listen to this episode now via Apple / Spotify / Google and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)

For those of you keen to build your own tipster portfolio, he shares his thoughts on how best to approach this and how to choose tipsters that suit you, your budget, experience and bookmakers available.

We also get into the topic of bookmaker restrictions and how he gets around that with a few tips for account longevity and using the exchanges.

Its an ideal podcast for those of you interested in making money via tipsters and the experience Rowan can share on his success over the years doing exactly this.