The ‘Diamond’ Racing Tipster With 290.1% Bank Growth

Here at the Smart Betting Club, if we are known for one thing, it’s for getting to the bottom of just which tipster services actually make money betting.

This often means wading through a lot of bad tipsters to find the occasional gem and in the latest SBC Magazine, I think we uncovered another ‘diamond’ tipster service.

They are called ‘GT Tips’ and have all the classic ingredients of a top tipster service…professionally run, easy to follow, affordable and of course – excellent results.

Although our full review can be found in the latest SBC Mag (Issue81) I wanted to share a little bit about our findings here to give you a quick sample of what’s on offer…

290.10% Growth From Horse Racing Tips

GT Tips is a sports betting service provided by a team of bookmaking industry contacts who cover a wide range of sports. Starting life in May 2011, we had nearly 2 years worth of very detailed results to work with. Alongside that we also had proofed them ourselves since September 2012 (observing over 1000 bets) plus we also did some intensive odds tracking for a 2 month period…more about that later.

Our focus as part of the review was on the 2 sports where GT Tips had the best record, which were Horse Racing and Rugby.

Horse Racing wise – they supply 4 tips per day so we had a lot of results to look at – 2688 in total and had a great record of success. Below you can find the performance from Year 1 (May 2011 to April 2012) and Year 2 so far (May 2012 to March 2013).

GT Tips Results

These really are some impressive figures, not least the 14.90% Return on Investment and the 290.10% Return on Capital. Effectively the latter figure means you will have nearly tripled your starting betting bank over a near 2 year period.

Intensive Tipster Odds Analysis

Although these results look fantastic, what they don’t tell us is just how easy the advised odds on the tips that are put forward actually are. Take a service like Pricewise Extra for example – they might quote a 20/1 winner, yet we all know you would be lucky to get even 14/1 by the time the bookies have slashed their odds.

So to help with this, we performed some intensive odds analysis over a 2 1/2 month period and 283 bets to see just how achievable their quoted odds actually were.

The answer was – they were very achievable as the table below helps to reveal.

GT Tips Odds Analysis

To briefly explain this table…

  • Advised odds are those quoted by GT Tips
  • Achieved odds are those actually achieved in real-life by us (just a 1% drop)
  • Odds after 30 mins are the best prices exactly half an hour after the tips were sent (2% drop)
  • SP the average odds at race time (7% drop)

According to this analysis, there was only a slight drop in what was advised by GT and what we ourselves managed. Even if waiting 30 minutes to place your bets, the drop is just 2% so you needn’t rush to get your bets on for fear of the bookies slashing odds.

We regularly perform this kind of odds analysis on the many tipster services we review and report back on each month. Being practically able to achieve the odds any tipster quotes is always vitally important!

Read The Full Tipster Review

If this snapshot of our GT Tips service interests you, then be sure to check out our full 7 page independent review in the latest SBC Magazine, where we also reveal…

  • Full details of our proofed performance of GT Tips Racing results including profit graphs.
  • How you can maximise racing profits by focusing on certain bets.
  • Full Rugby service results over both years and our own proofed record.
  • Performance if combining Racing & Rugby into one mini-portfolio.
  • The final SBC ratings and betting bank recommendations

You can access this review in full in SBC 81 the instant you sign-up for a Smart Betting Club membership.

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