The Best Mobile Phones For Betting

From a technology perspective, it’s never been easier to be a punter. Whether it be placing bets from behind a laptop as we lie in bed on a Saturday morning or secretly via our mobile phone when our other half isn’t watching – almost everything is now possible.

Increasingly these days, mobile betting is becoming more and more popular, with new apps coming out every day and extensive 3G and WIFI coverage wherever we go.

Therefore one of the most critical decisions for any punter keen on ‘betting on the move’ has to be: What’s the best mobile phone for betting with?

Making the right decision here is often critical with the need for 18, 24 month contracts on many of today’s modern phones packages. Make the wrong choice today and it’s an expensive mistake.

Helping You Choose The Right Mobile For Betting

With new phones coming out all the time (each one slightly better than the rest), it’s a tough choice for even the most avid techno geek. Two years ago it was the iPhone 3G that was all the rage, a phone that is today’s equivalent of a horse and cart compared to the Lamborghini of the new Samsung Galaxy S III.

To help you choose the right phone, we recently commissioned our resident technology expert, ‘Kodagira’ to explore the current market place and pen an article for our members on the best phones, tablets and apps for betting on the move.

Its due out in full next week, but here’s a sneaky peak on his rundown of the best phones that are out there.

The Best Mobile Phone Options

“So…..What is important when looking for a suitable mobile for betting?  Size of screen, processing speed and usability are just a few of the features you need to consider.  So, having been to various phone shops and tested a number of phones out (as well as getting some feedback from friends) I have put together the following list of the best smart-phones available to you”.

Below you can find some of the key stats for each phone, with the 4 highlighted in red, the ones I wish to look at.


As a sample, here is my analysis of the Samsung Galaxy Note  and its suitability for betting:

If you’ve got big pockets and a big wallet then this is the one for me. It also has a smart pen which makes everything so much easier when using the touch screen (and selecting that winning bet). The screen is a giant 5.3”, and if you download a keyboard app it is like using a laptop.

The dual core 1.5 Ghz processor makes everything instantaneous, so you are more likely to secure the odds you want on any given bet. What I mean by that is if you select something it opens straight away, no waiting and no nonsense, just how it should be.

There are several benefits to having a large screen. You can open spread sheets and see lots of data, graphs appear as they should and you can read articles in PDF format without the magnifying glass. Then there is placing bets using a bookmaker’s app or even using your phone to log into your PC at home should you need to.

if you are a high rollover bettor it’s very likely that you’ll have some system in place to get your bets on, but if you’re on the road and need to get bets on quickly then I’d go for the Samsung Galaxy Note. It has a large screen, is super quick and comes with a smart pen for quick bet placement. It’ll be 4G compatible and runs on the latest Android software. It is bulky and heavy but I’d say that’s a small price to pay.

More On Mobile Phone Betting In Our 2 Part Article

The above is taken from our forthcoming 2-part article on betting on the move, which explores all the best smartphones, tablets and  apps in today’s market from a betting perspective.

Part 1 is out next Thursday and focuses on the best phones, including our recommendations on the best ones to use according to how and when you bet. It also looks at the best mobile phone apps to use as well as how to choose the right operating system (Android, iPhone, Windows).

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