The A to Z of Tipster Reviews, Expert Interviews & Betting Guides

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This back catalogue is vast and includes the ability to read hundreds of our past independent tipster service reviews – helping you  find the most profitable tipping experts (and more importantly those who have a track record in the long term). You’ll also discover countless betting strategies and ‘how to’ guides that you can apply right now to help make your betting more successful.

Also, if you need any additional assurances that the average Joe punter can actually make money betting, then you can also read numerous interviews with various betting experts – from bookmakers to pro punters and everyone else in-between.

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The A to Z of Tipster Reviews, Expert Interviews & Betting Guides…

To showcase just how vast our back catalogue is, here is a sample of some of the very latest Tipster Reviews, Expert Interviews & Betting Guides from the past 3 years…

Racing Tipster Reviews

  • Ady’s Lays
  • Aiden Monroe
  • All By The Book
  • Bet Info 24
  • Blue Sky Racing
  • Chasemaster
  • Equine Investments
  • Herbie Fogg
  • Market Examiner
  • Maths Betting
  • Micky Biggs
  • Mike Cloud
  • Morning Value
  • Northern Monkey Punter
  • On The Nose
  • Packed Pockets
  • Paul Jones NH Service
  • Personal Info
  • Peter May ratings
  • Pricewise Extra
  • Pro Bandit
  • Proform
  • Pro Lays
  • Russell Clarke
  • SB Racing
  • Selective Betting
  • Simplebet
  • Steve Lewis Hamilton
  • Strikeline Racing
  • The Pete Review
  • The Value Bettor
  • Value Bets
  • Will Lattimore
  • Winning Racing Systems

Football Tipster Reviews

  • Bet Devil
  • Bettor Logic
  • Football Bets
  • Football Betting Index
  • Football Investor
  • Football Value
  • Geert Van Elsen
  • Goran’s Winners
  • He Shoots He Scores
  • Premier Betting
  • Simon Hopper
  • Skeeve Picks
  • Soccer System Builder
  • Summer of Football
  • Systematic Soccer
  • The Football Analyst
  • Winabobatoo

General Tipster Reviews

  • Bet Advisor
  • Betting Expert
  • GT Tips
  • Hub Pro
  • Laurent Marty
  • On The Oche
  • Sports Bet Capping
  • Sportyy
  • The Sportsman
  • Wheelie Bets

Expert Betting Interviews

  • How I Make Money Betting: Po Punter Peter Green
  • A Bookie Insider Reveals All: A Former Bookie Answers Your Questions
  • The Portfolio Investor: One Man’s Profitable Betting Quest
  • 2012/13 Football Season Interviews: Q & A With The Best Football Experts
  • Interview With Ex-Bookmaker Stephen Harris
  • Award-winning Betting Author & Betfair Cricket Columnist Ed Hawkins
  • Sporting Life’s top Racing Tipster Ben Linfoot
  • Top Racing Tipster Russell Clarke

Betting Expertise Guides

  • 5 Top Tips For A New Gambler
  • The Best Betting Mobile Phone & Tablet Apps
  • The Best Tablets For Betting
  • 2013 Tipster & Betting Awards
  • The Relationship Between Skill & Luck
  • Asian Handicaps Demystified
  • 3 Part Guide To Greyhound Betting
  • How to Profit In the Summer Football Leagues

Football Betting Special Guide

  • Our 4 Part Football Bookmaker & Betting Guide.
  • Part 1: The SBC Football Bookmaking Survey.
  • Part 2: The Football Betting Industry.
  • Part 3: SBC’S 5 Must Have Bookies For Football betting.
  • Part 4: More Key Football Betting Resources.

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