ūüďą A New Generation of Tipsters – Chasing Steamers In Depth Review out now!

A new generation of tipster services are doing something quite different.

Artificial Intelligence, the capacity to process large data sets and the facility to scrape odds and data from sites like Pinnacle make following market moves a viable betting angle for those looking for a considerable edge.

That is exactly what the latest service under the SBC review microscope –¬†Chasing Steamers – has done.

Chasing Steamers is a tipster we have been tracking all year and after building up a considerable bank of nearly 3,000 bets in a personal betting ‘snapshot’, we have been able to test out their their service and conduct our usual analysis in a full review.

This detailed review is out now and available instantly with an SBC Membership (You can also access a 15% SBC member discount on Chasing Steamers too!)

Chasing Steamers – How It Works

Although the technology behind Chasing Steamers may be sophisticated, the underlying principle is not.

When money arrives for a selection on the world’s largest sharp bookmaker, Pinnacle, you receive a Telegram notification informing you of everything you need to know, including:

  1. The selection name
  2. How much the odds have dropped
  3. What odds you need to beat
  4. The minimum odds required for a ‘10% value bet’


To profit from this information, all you need to do is back the selection with any bookmaker(s) who are a lot slower to update their odds.

So in the example above, Pinnacle have priced up this player at odds of 2.38, yet he is available with the likes of bet365 at 3.5 (Although Bet365 are used for comparison purposes Рthe reality is you can follow this service with a huge number of bookmakers)

Hundreds of varied betting records have been documented by Christian from Chasing Steamers and to add to the ‘evidence base’, both Josh and I had a period of profitably using the service in real time (with real money!) earlier on this year.

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Chasing Steamers is a real way to grow a bank and with so many bets provided each day, week and month, it offers the opportunity to do this very quickly.

As with any service, you need to consider things like the amount of time you have available, the bookmaker accounts you have access to and how big your bankroll is before subscribing.

The full lowdown and our analysis of Chasing Steamers is available now with a paid SBC Membership in an 18 page review just published

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Detailed reports, practical advice, member only content and considerable discounts are all examples of how we will help SBC Members assess this service but the benefits of membership don’t end there.

‚ÄčThis page¬†discusses everything that you can access with full SBC Membership – I would love for you to join us!

ūüďą Our Process: How We Assess Tipster Performance To Find You Winners

Last week I shared my personal near-40k profit betting record for Winner Odds, the remarkable tennis betting service.

For those who haven’t watched it, you can do¬†so here¬†as I also touch on some tips and tricks, where to place bets and the software behind the success.

This work on Winner Odds is a great example of how we research, uncover and report back on the best tipster services – those you can follow in the quest to make a profit betting.

The SBC Process

In the above video, I also touch upon the SBC process of finding winning tipster services and tools.

Winner Odds is a ‘typical example’ as it has gone through these stages:

  1. Proofing: When we are first introduced to a service we start by proofing until we can build up a comprehensive picture of how the service works and performs over time. Depending on bet volume and regularity, this can take up to 2 years as we require large samples to help us analyse performance and draw conclusions. The main requirement is having a LARGE set of data to analyse.
  2. Independent Review:¬†Once we have this data, we put together a detailed¬†independent¬†SBC review that explores all aspects of the service, its performance and our recommendations. ‘Standard’ metrics such as ROI, ROC and performance on exchanges are contextualised using statistical analysis such as Monte Carlo simulations. Very often we also add in our own real-world experience and practical advice on using a tipster, such as with Winner Odds.
  3. Ongoing Monitoring: As time wears on, we regularly update about the ongoing performance of each tipster in our Sports Tipster Profit Reports¬†and Horse Racing Tipster Profit Reports, with the very best performers entering our¬†Hall of Fame. Our ‘Tipster Ratings’ (see below) give you contextual information on how each service compares.

How We Can Help You

The above outlines in brief just some of the work that goes on behind the scenes to profile the very best tipsters and Winner Odds just one of a large number of services that we track, profile and recommend.

Yet the best thing about our bank of knowledge is how easy it is to find a service that suits you.

For example –¬†for those of you who have no bookmaker accounts available to you.

In your case you want to view our Exchange & Sharp Bookmaker tipsters where we have profiled dozens of services that are suitable.

If you have bookmaker accounts but want a low-workload service that is easy to follow?

We cover the time needed to follow a service in every report.

Are you looking to bet on a specific sport or market?

In this case, you can easily find what you are looking for in our tipster ratings and SBC Magazine directories.

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ūüé• ¬£39,852,26 Profit! SBC’s Story Of Using A Service That Serves Up Serious Returns

A thing of terrifying beauty!’.

That is how one of our members described the service I would like to introduce today,

I agree wholeheartedly Рit has made over £39,000 profit and in a special video, today I explain how.

With this service lining up in our latest¬†Sports Tipster Report¬†(where it is a holder of our ‘Hall of Fame’ award),¬†now is as good a time as any to tell you about my use of it.

In the video below (click here to watch), I introduce the service, using the context of our process at SBC to show how and why it has become central to my portfolio.

Press play to listen to me talk about:

    • The profits I have made
    • The software behind the site & simple results tracking
    • Bookmakers, Exchanges and Sharp Bookmakers
    • Tips and tricks to add extra value to the service’s offering

2nd ‘Advanced Video’ Guide To Maximise Profits

As I touch on in the video, SBC Membership offers so much value when it comes to services such as this one.

As well as being able to read our detailed reviews on the service in question, members also have access to a 30 minute advanced video guide on maximising profits.

This second video contains:

  • More advanced tips for how to maximise profits using the service
  • Practical advice on bet placement and notification
  • How to find little known (or connected) bookmakers to use
  • How to extend the length of your bookmaker accounts using some expert tips if following this service
  • How to compound profits using multiple bet strategies – both on this sport and others
  • How to stay strong mentally and understand the pros and cons of using

Paid members also get access to:

  • Tipster Reviews¬†where we take a deep dive into performance by every metric, discussing historical records, bookmaker availability, exchange viability and using a service practically (alongside so much more!)
  • Ongoing Performance Analysis¬†in the form of our regular¬†Tipster Profit Reports¬†where we revisit services and monitor their short, medium and long-term performances with rankings, tables and explainers
  • Detailed Practical Support¬†in the form of videos, FAQs, email correspondence and reports from the SBC Team
  • Discounts¬†that often cover (or exceed!) the cost of SBC Membership in one go!

If you are interested in this service (or any of the other of the services that we review) then signing up will provide you with instant access to all of the benefits outlined above. My deep-dive video will be added to an extensive library of first-hand accounts of using the very best services from the SBC team.

As ever, if you have any questions please get in touch, either by email or at @SBCInfo and I will get straight back to you!