🎧SBC Podcast #64: Nick Goff on Football Betting, Syndicates and the State of the Industry

In the latest SBC Podcast I am joined by Nick Goffthe professional football punter, former industry trader and member of a highly successful syndicate.

Nick has an extremely interesting back story, with industry experience and management of markets for one of the UK’s leading bookmakers shaping his knowledge and expertise.

Disillusioned with the direction the industry was taking, Nick took the plunge and decided to back his judgement by becoming a full-time bettor seven years ago.

Antepost betting and day of game action make up the majority of Nick’s activity and to complement his own work, he is part of a group of very successful bettors who cooperate in a football syndicate.

With extensive knowledge of ‘both sides of the fence’, Nick is well placed to discuss issues in the industry such as affordability, the White Paper, bookmaker behaviour and suggested policies (such as Minimum Bet Liabilities).

In this interview, we cover it all. Nick has unique insights and I was delighted to be joined by a guest with such extensive knowledge. I enjoyed this chat and I’m sure that you will too!

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An in-depth chat with a football betting expert

In this episode Nick and I discuss:

  • Nick’s work in the industry, working for four firms that no longer exist and progressing to become the Head of Football Trading at Coral
  • Learning from more experienced experts and amalgamating different insights to form his own punting philosophy
  • Building a bank, playing poker and betting on sports including snooker and NFL
  • Transitioning into full time punting, the challenges this presented and the support around him that helped to make it a success
  • How Nick’s betting has changed over time and how he has had to adapt as early markets have become more illiquid
  • Working cooperatively in a syndicate and finding others who have skills to complement each other
  • Discretion and the need to be less publicly open when working in a team
  • The White Paper, ‘frictionless’ affordability checks, shocking bookmaker behaviour and the state of the debate around gambling in the UK
  • The Black Market, its growth and who is likely to use it
  • Minimum Bet Liability and why Nick feels it an impractical way of dealing with over-zealous restrictions
  • The lack of long-term thinking in the industry to try and create more sustainable markets
  • The lack of expertise at the leading firms compared to ‘yesteryear’
  • 60-70 hour weeks – managing time, taking breaks and finding ways to take a break from an all-consuming role
  • Nick’s stoic attitude towards punting (and life!) and how he meets victory and defeat with the same face
  • Exacting revenge on a rude interviewer!
  • Plans for the future
  • Pearl Jam!

Nick was a fascinating guest and in addition to his insightful views, his outlook was something else that I loved about our chat.

If you would like to hear more from Nick, you can follow him on Twitter (or X!) @nickgoff79 and he writes a regular column for the ‘Not The Top 20‘ website.