SBC’s extensive review & podcast on the new Betmarkets game-changer tipster platform

Friday saw the release of one of the most hotly-anticipated reviews SBC have ever released – our exploration of the new platform making a huge splash in the tipster world.

The interest is easy to understand as Betmarkets allows you the opportunity to automate the following of expert tipsters and have all their advised bets placed on your behalf.

Styled as the e-toro of the betting world, the Betmarkets platform removes the need for you to do anything but choose the tipsters you wish to follow and how much to have risked on each bet they put forward.

Already they have more than 30 quality tipsters onboard and to gauge the service, the SBC team have been actively using Betmarkets since May, during which time more than 2200 trades have been placed on our behalf and a profit has been made.

In this major review, we explore all aspects of the Betmarkets platform from its setup and licensing through to the tipsters they have onboard and exactly how profits are made and distributed. Plus of course the fees for usage, licensing and safety/security of money deposited.

SBC members can also enjoy a special 2% credit on their first deposit with Betmarkets. So if you deposit €2000, you will get €40 back in credit set against any future fees. This is an exclusive offer available ONLY to Smart Betting Club members and part of the benefits of our service.

SBC Podcast Interview With Betmarkets

To coincide with the release of the official review, SBC Editor, Pete also interviewed the Betmarkets CEO, Afonso Vieira in the very latest SBC Podcast.

You can download and listen to this for free via all the usual major podcast directories including SpotifyGoogle & Tune-in. It will also shortly appear on Apple Podcasts.

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