The Free Bets That Would Have Grown Your Bank By 116%

One question we are often posed here at the Smart Betting Club refers to what type of bets a keen punter should look to focus on if he wants to be a success, especially when betting on Football.

Very often the simple answer for this is…look at the type of bets the bookmakers advertise and then go nowhere near them!

Because if you were to login to a bookies website or visit your local turf accountant shop, you would quickly notice the type of bets they advertise, which are in markets such as…

  • First goalscorer
  • Correct score
  • Refunds if a certain player scores the winner

It isn’t because bookmakers have suddenly seen the light and actually want you to win money, but more the fact they know these type of bets are very hard to call.

The bottom line is these type of bets pay for bookies to go on holiday…or more likely these days,  swell the shareholders coffers!

Therefore the next question that might fall from your lips could well be…

So what bets should you look for when football betting? Continue reading