Stop Losing With These 5 HIGH Strike-Rate Tipsters


2 small words that strike fear into the heart of many a punter.

Yet for all of us aspiring to make a profit betting, dealing with losing bets is something we must face up to.

After all, the chances are that most bets you place will actually lose.

Coupled with the accepted wisdom that the pain felt from a losing bet is at least twice as strong as the joy gained from a winning bet…It all adds up to a far from pleasant experience.

And in my experience running the Smart Betting Club over the years, not being setup correctly to handle losing runs is one of the major reasons punters fail at betting.

So what should you do to avoid being yet another losing punter statistic?

AND what tipsters should you consider following to make your betting journey that much easier!?


How Risky A Punter Are You?

First, it is about knowing what type of punter you are and how much ‘risk’ you can take from your betting.

Put another way – exactly how much of a rollercoaster ride are you willing to experience when betting?

For example, some punters like to follow tipsters putting up bets at big prices to win. 33/1, 20/1, 16/1 shots etc…

The downside to this kind of strategy comes when you consider the vast majority of such tips are going to lose (sometimes very frustratingly!). Yet when they do win, it all pays off! A 33/1 winner will easily wipe out a 20 tip losing streak and leave you with plenty of profit.

Yet for many punters, especially those of you risk-averse, suffering a run of 20 losers on the bounce is a bit too much to bear. There is nothing wrong with you if you fall into this category – you simply need to choose a different type of tipster.

Instead you should look for a higher-strike rate tipster – one who if not winning more than they lose, will still regularly enough to keeping your losing runs short and manageable.

Yet, understanding the type of tipster you need is one thing, finding them another.

Which is where SBC can help as we currently proof, review and report back on 5 different tipsters all of whom fit this criteria.

Let me showcase who they are and how they can help you.

5 High-Strike Rate Profitable Tipsters To Follow

1. Short Odds Football Tipster (47.5% Strike-Rate)

Featured in the 2017 Best Tipster Guide, this specialist football tipster has really impressed us with their consistency and most of all profits.

Since 2010, their winning strategy has hit a 47.5% strike-rate of success by focusing on tips with average odds of 2.43/1. Achieving a 13.6% ROI along the way.

Any losing runs have been short and sharp, making it a perfect option for those of you looking for an easy-to-follow and stable expert.

Best of all if using our recommended Compound Staking approach (as detailed in the 2017 Best Tipster Guide), you can drastically improve your profits by making your money work harder for you.

“£35,310 Profit In 23 Months”……

Following a fantastic start to 2017, so far I am up £35,210 profit in 23 months (since joining the Smart Betting Club) Thanks guys!!! SBC was undoubtedly the biggest single factor in setting me up for success”    Clive Jones. SBC member since 2015

Click here to read more from Clive on his SBC membership experience

2. Short Odds Racing Tipster (34.72% Strike-Rate) 

Some horse racing ‘experts’ will have you believe it’s impossible to make money backing favourites.

We know this is a nonsense due to the success of tipsters like our 2nd expert who has made a habit of profiting from backing horses at short odds (usually 3/1 and below).

Hitting a strike-rate of 34.72% long-term, he has proved his success over the last 3 years by making 112 points profit at a ROI of 11.3% backing at such short odds. All from 993 bets – proving this is no fluke!

Best of all, this equates to Betting Bank Growth of 250% in those 3 years alone. And who said backing favourites can’t be profitable?

3. Asian Handicap Football Tipster (53.52% Strike-Rate)

One very popular style of punting (and not just because it normally hits a high strike-rate) comes in the form of ‘Asian Handicap’ football betting.

It’s not rare to see bookmakers trade to tiny margins such as just 2% in these markets, which opens up the opportunity for shrewd punters to take advantage (If you are not familiar with Asian Handicaps, I urge you to check them out – they are really very easy to follow!)

Our very own in-house SBC Asian Handicap service is called AH Edge and it has thrived this season hitting a very high strike-rate of 53.52%, and at average odds of 2.18/1

From 301 tips this season alone, AH Edge has made a profit of 29 points at a ROI of 9.63% and so is ticking all  the right boxes. Profitable and at a high strike-rate with more than 1 in every 2 bets winning.



4. NBA Tipster (56.9% Strike-Rate)

Another very favourable betting market for punters can be found when betting on US Sports such as NBA (Basketball), where huge sums of money are traded at low margins.

One such NBA Tipster we have tracked for several years now has a tried and trusted strategy for maximising profits from these markets – again working to a high strike-rate.

During the current NBA season, his strategy has hit a 56.9% strike-rate at average odds of 1.94/1 to ensure a profit of 60 points at 9.6% Return on Investment so far.

5. Very Short Odds Football Tipster (79.38% Strike-Rate)

The 5th and final tipster has a very unique betting strategy – focusing in on very short priced favourites predominantly on football.

In 2016 alone, he hit a 79.38% strike-rate of winning bets. Almost 4 out of every 5 tips advised went onto win.

Although his average odds for each tip advised is quite low at around 1.29 – the high strike-rate more than ensured he made a clear profit.

I know some of you might think “Hey, anyone can pick short-priced tips” – the reality is you can’t, because if you could, you would be doing it and making a profit from it.

Best of all, this tipster thrives when it comes to what we term Return on Capital as to our fairly cautious banking suggestions, he would have grown your bank by 72.3% in just 2016 alone.


“A Breath Of Fresh Air”

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Handling Losing Is A Huge Part Of Winning

The topic of losing is not one many betting sites are willing to discuss, yet for me it’s an essential part of betting day-in, day-out. Far too often how you handle losing can be the difference between success and failure.

If you are following the wrong tipsters, staking the wrong amount or simply not using a sensible betting bank, losing runs can and will bite you on the backside.

If you are interested in the 5 tipsters I list above, all of them bar AH Edge can be found in the regular Tipster Profit Reports we publish on behalf of members. We regularly feedback on their ongoing profit/loss in each Tipster Profit Report to keep you on top of who is in form and who to follow with your money.

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