The Secret Tipster With A 46% ROI & Why I’m To Blame!

It’s fair to say that one of the best performing tipsters so far this year is actually probably one of the least well known…and it’s all my fault as to why.

With a set of (proofed) stats revealing a 185.9 pt profit from 351 bets and a Return on Investment of 46% in 2014, you would think people would be falling over themselves to find out more on this tipster.

Yet the vast majority of you reading this won’t know anything about them, who they are or how you can get hold of their tips.

And yep I’m to blame.

It’s because this tipster is only available via the Smart Betting Club Forum (where they have been posting their tips up for free for our members to follow) and I have failed to do my job in raising awareness of their outstanding form and how you can get hold of their tips.

In my defence, I have been preoccupied running the Smart Betting Club itself, but the reality is I should have been made you aware a few months back!

Back presumably in August when they bagged over 80 pts profit in the space of a week with a string of big winners. Before then they were already sitting on a pretty profit with a 33% ROI, yet these figures went through the roof soon after.

The Tipster In Question!

To give a bit more background, the Smart Betting Club Forum is available only to our Silver or Gold subscribers – and is a place designed for our members to discuss anything and everything to do with making money betting.

A few years ago, we also extended the forum’s remit to allow tipsters to also proof their tips there for free (enabling all SBC members to effectively live proof them), which is where the awesome tipster I introduced to you above comes in.

They started a forum thread called ‘All Weather General Bets’ back in January 2014 and they have posted their tips regularly since then…for you guessed it – backing on the All Weather!

Their record has been outstanding as I mentioned above – below you can find the key stats.

All Weather Bets
So good has it been that even if following at a simple £2.50 per point, you would have made £465 – between 5 to 6 times more than the cost of a Smart Betting Club subscription itself!

All Weather Bets 2

How You Can Follow Their Tips Free

With over 350 bets under their belt already, it is clear this tipster has a real edge and I am keen for as many of you as possible to sample their advice. It’s my way of apologising for not making you aware of their amazing form earlier…

So much so, I have agreed with them that they will continue to post ALL their bets on the members-only Smart Betting Club Forum until at least January 2015.

So if you sign-up today for either a Silver or Gold subscription, you will get at least 3 1/2 months access to their tips as part of your SBC membership.

Hopefully a nice little added bonus to your time with us – and a great way to get started on your path to making more money betting!

Best regards, Peter – SBC Editor

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