SBC Podcast #51 🎧: Ryan Bruno – His Making A Million Betting Quest

In the latest Smart Betting Club Podcast, I am joined by expert trader and winning punter, Ryan Bruno – AKA the Smart Sports Trader,

Ryan’s story is one of persistence, patience and the use of various strategies to make over 6 figures of profit in today’s ‘restriction heavy’ gambling industry, including almost £40,000 in 2022 alone.

His journey is the perfect template for those looking to build a portfolio from scratch or step up from recreational punting towards consistent, sustainable profits. That said, his range of knowledge is not limited to newcomers – there is something here for everyone!

You can listen to Episode 51 now via Apple / Spotify / Google YouTube and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)

We discuss:

  • Ryan’s 7 year journey to profitability – making £168,308 since he began!
  • How Ryan has followed the well trodden path of poker to value betting
  • His blog, the strategies he employs and how he never stands still
  • The transition from using ‘soft’ bookmakers to making profit on exchanges
  • The tools and software that help Ryan to profit from market moves
  • Why flexibility and reflection are just as important as finding profitable edges
  • How listening & learning from experts can help your betting
  • His MMA background and his betting on this fast-growing sport
  • Why ‘multi-accounting’ and matched betting are more difficult than ever
  • Ryan’s £1 million challenge!


If you would like to learn more about Ryan’s work, his website has a detailed history of his profit & loss, the strategies he uses and some helpful reviews of related services.

He is also on Twitter @SMSportstrader and has his own YouTube channel where Ryan talks through some edges and strategies with practical examples.

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