Rocket Scientists Look Away – Football Betting Made Easy

When I tell people about my gambling activities, their reaction usually follows a three step pattern:

  1. Concern for my well being.
  2. Intrigued that you can actually make money betting.
  3.  Laugh and say it all sounds a bit complex to them – They’ll stick to betting on the horse with the funniest name in the Grand National.

But you don’t need a degree in rocket science to make money, especially with football betting. In fact I’ll prove it to you….

An Easy To Follow Football Tipster

Take for example the football tipster service we reviewed in our latest Smart Betting Club magazine (published earlier this week), which is simplicity itself to follow.

They are a long-established football match-ratings and betting advice service who have developed a huge database on the sport. You can follow them in 2 ways…

  1. Follow some of their established football systems and pick up their tips each week. OR
  2. Use their database and ratings to build your own football systems.

The focus of our review was on two of these established football systems, both of which have excellent results and are extremely easy to follow. Allow me to reveal more…

The +5 Value System

One of the most successful and simple systems I have ever used is called the +5 Value system.  For each round of games in the English and Scottish leagues, subscribers receive a highlighted report which rates teams against each other on a scale ranging from -4 to +5 (with +5 providing the best value).

The greater the rating, the greater the value so in effect you can simply back all teams rated as +5 Value.

The results of doing this are excellent with a performance dating back to 2006 as follows:

At 1 pt level stakes, the profit is just shy of 300 pts and all at a Return of Investment (ROI) of 11.20%.

Perhaps most impressively is the Return On Capital (ROC), which represents how much your betting bank will have grown during this period – almost 5 times itself!

To put this in financial terms, if you started with £2,000 back in 2006, it would now be worth a whopping £12,160.50 simply by following these simple +5 value bets.

The even better news is that further profits can also be made if backing those teams with +3 and +1 value ratings.

The Outsiders System

The other system we focused on was called ‘The Outsiders’, which as its name suggests focuses on teams at larger prices. It too has some fantastic results on offer:

Looking at this again in financial terms, the ROC of 328.67%, would have turned a bank of £2,500 into £8,216.75 since the 2006 season.

Not Difficult At All!

As you can hopefully see from all of the above, it’s not at all difficult to benefit from following this service – you certainly don’t need a degree in maths!

If you just want to profit from their advice, you simply need to follow the bets put forward as +5 Value or Outsiders each week.

For those of you that do enjoy detail though, our review does also go into depth on other key aspects such as betting banks, losing runs, odds availability and other ways to maximise profit.

You can also find similar reviews on a whole host of other football tipsters who make proven football profits as an SBC member.

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