How One Punter Joined the Successful Few

In yesterday’s blog we detailed how our members are bucking the punting trend, with 83.61% making a profit in 2014. Missed it?
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But just how are the Smart Betting Club membership so successful, when traditionally just 2% of the punting public supposedly making a profit?

We believe success comes down to the three key benefits of a Smart Betting Club membership:

  1.  Information: Our members have the latest information on winning tipsters and profitable strategies.
  2.  Education: We help our members learn to become a pro punter, as well as offering specific advice on issues such as getting your bets on as you become successful.
  3.  Support: We’re on hand to help with your questions and guide you on your punting journey.

As an example of the sort of articles you can expect, here’s an extract from a previous piece written by an SBC member and professional punter:

The Evolution of a Profitable Punter

What do you do if you’re following a racing tipster that provides each way selections?

An each way bet, being two separate wagers, should hold value for both the win part of the bet and the place part. Trouble is, the odds offered by an Exchange for the place are often considerably shorter than those you would get if placing the bet through a bookmaker. Taking a long term view, I have to confess that the idea of not securing value on what essentially is a large proportion of my bets troubles me, and it should bother you too.

As ever though, there is always more than one way of skinning a cat. Allow me to use my experience with [tipster revealed to SBC members] service to explain.

After taking guidance from the tipster, I settled last season on a strategy that involved the placement of in-running lays on the bets I struck using Betfair. I would stick the lay in somewhere just above the 2.0 level, meaning that if the horse looked like it had a 50%+ chance of winning, my lay would be matched and an equalised profit returned, regardless of whether or not the horse went on to win (you’d be surprised how many horses go odds on in running but don’t cross the line first).

Here are the official [tipster revealed to SBC members] results from the last two seasons. The first set of figures quoted are the official figures gained by using bookmakers…

Total staked: 236.25pts

Total profit: 69.66pts

Total ROI: 29.48%

And now using the strategy of using in-running lays as discussed…

Total staked 236.25pts

Total profit: 83.08pts

Total ROI: 35.16%.

Season 2012/13 was a quite spectacular one for the in-running lay strategy, running at an overall ROI of 63%, which I can’t imagine is anything other than a bit of an anomaly and certainly not to be treated as the norm.

More Tipsters – More Expert Advice – Bigger Profits

Not only do SBC members get access to the latest lists of profitable tipsters, we also show you how to use them and how to make even more profits!

In the above article, the author shows you how to squeeze out some extra profits using Exchanges as an alternative to Best Odds Guaranteed promotions that bookmakers may remove as you become successful.

All part of our quest to Inform, Educate & Support you on your way to profitable betting.

The great news is that all of this is available for the equivalent of just £1.85 per week and if choosing either Gold or Platinum membership – comes with a full 30-day money back guarantee if not in any way satisfied once you have joined.

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