From novice to pro – beat bookmaker restrictions and develop your betting in five easy steps!

From novice to pro – beat bookmaker restrictions and develop your betting in five easy steps!

What’s that statistic about 99% of all gamblers being losing gamblers?

It’s no wonder that the bookmakers spend so much money on advertising their company on television.  They’re desperate for more and more mug punters who will ‘do’ their cash betting on accas, scorecasts or via their FOBT machines.

But what if you’re one of the 1% who isn’t a mug punter, and you start to make some real money from your betting?  And what if you follow some of the expert tipsters we have reviewed and shown to be massively profitable over the long term?  What then?  Are the bookmakers so accommodating to you when you’re taking a consistent and reliable income from them?

No, they’re not!  Far from it in fact as sadly it’s all too well known these days that some bookmakers restrict and close winning accounts.  These bookies are not stupid. Winning punters are bad for business if you are a bookmaker, especially when you consider the very easy money they make from FOBT machines or their online casino.

So how useful would it be to have the help and insight of people who have grown their betting from scratch into something that produces a considerable income?

Grow Your Profits And Expand Your Betting

So what happens when the big bookies identify you as a threat and single you out for their special treatment?

Well first of all, you’ll try to place a bet, quite likely not a particularly big one, and you’ll see a little message spring up telling you that your stake is too big.  And I’m not talking thousands on a 33/1 shot here as in actual fact, it may be as little as a tenner each way at 5/1. (even though Paddy Power have delusions that it only applies to people looking to win £1.5 million….Yeah right Paddy!!)

You see the bookmaker is controlling their liabilities.  They’ll let you win £20 or £30 perhaps, but no more.  And the trouble is, once this process starts, you’re on the sure and steady path that ultimately leads to an email from the bookie saying they are no longer letting you place any bets.  They’ll tell you it’s a trader’s decision, and that’s it.  Nothing by way of further explanation.

Is this annoying?  Yes, very!

Does it mean the end of your betting and profits?  Absolutely not!

It IS still possible to make a good second income, or even primary income, from following good, proven tipsters. 

Here’s how…

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From Novice To Pro In 5 Easy Steps

In the special Bookie Guide we released  last year, we ran a series of in depth articles aimed at helping members avoid bookmaker restrictions for as long as possible (more on that later).  We also provided a guide to the five stages of developing a betting portfolio in such a way that you need not worry about bookmaker restrictions when they do eventually strike.
  • Step 1: Starting out – new accounts free of restrictions; a time for high ROI following top racing services. 
  • Step 2: Diversification – laying the foundations for future growth by introducing football and sports betting. 
  • Step 3: Shifting the focus – as restrictions begin to bite, more concentration on sports betting allows bigger stakes and more income. 
  • Step 4: ROI for show, ROC for dough – how your ROI will fall, but your bottom line profits will grow. 
  • Step 5: Scalable markets – identify where your stakes can get bigger and bigger as your turnover expands. 

Diversification is everything when it comes to investing, and that’s what our betting is, right?  An investment.  And as with any investment, it’s vital you don’t put all your eggs into one basket.

The trick is to identify which series of baskets to put your eggs into so that you can continue to make money not just in the here and now, but for a long time to come.

Be A Mug…And Reap The Benefits!

Back to avoiding those irritating bookie restrictions for as long as possible…

One message that came through from our research is that if you can convince your bookmakers that you are indeed one of the 99% of mug punters, then they will leave you alone.

So how do you come across as being a mug punter?

Well, our article highlighted eight different ways you can make yourself look like you don’t know what you’re doing, whilst at the same time making money.

Here is just a taste of some of the tips that will prolong your bookmaker accounts:

  • First impressions – don’t go wading in immediately with big, shrewd bets.  Start slowly and build. 
  • Play the casino every now and again – don’t spend a lot in there, just pay the odd visit. 
  • Place some ‘mug’ bets – and then lay them off on the Exchanges. 

There are many more hints and tips that your betting will benefit from, including how to harness the latest technology such as Virtual Private Networks to help you stay under the bookie’s radar(there’s actually two full reports into exactly how to do this and which VPN is the best – including an update from September this year).  And by doing these things, believe me, your accounts will stay open and unrestricted for far longer than you might have thought possible…and that means raking in more cash from your betting.

Using VPN'S to Beat the Bookie


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