Mike’s Football Bets – Seasonal Wrap

A bit late this but better late than never…

Well that’s it for another season in the English Premier League, in what has been one of the most competitive leagues I can remember for a long-time. Man Utd ended up champions by 9 points despite having one of the worst away records of any title winning team and only 10 pts separated Fulham in 8th and Blackpool down in 19th. There are a lot of very similar sides strength wise sitting in mid-table and the gap between the top 4/5 and the rest appears to have been reigned in somewhat as well.

As per my own stats, I managed to make a profit of 4.96 pts from the 117.5 pts staked at a Return on Investment of 4.23%, which is I must admit was below my expectations for the season. I do wonder though that after such a tough season like we have just seen I shouldn’t be too hard on myself, especially as a number of my peers in the top division have also struggled. Sometimes we are at the behest of some very fine margins between profit and loss – for example had Wolves gone down or had there been a third goal in the game between Liverpool and Spurs last week, the final figures would be a lot more positive.

Seasonal Record

Below you can find the breakdown of performance dating back to the 2009/10 season, when I began advising bets in October 2009. The ROC refers to Return on Capital, which is the percentage growth of profit in relation to my advised betting bank of 25 pts.

The full spreadsheet of results can be downloaded here.

I do hope to return again next season and continue to build upon the promise of the first 2 seasons advising bets in the EPL, thanks for all your support in 2010/11!

If you have any questions, do drop me a line on either the members forum or via mike@smartbettingclub.com.