Just how Good Are The Racing Post’s Tom Segal and Pricewise Extra?

Anyone picking up today’s copy of the Racing Post wont failed to have noticed the big splash made on their front page about Tom Segal bagging a couple of winners yesterday for his Pricewise tips column.

Tom highlighted both Marcret and Absinthe who won at 13/2 and 10/3 SP, whilst he also picked out Jack Dexter for their subscription based Pricewise Extra service at 9/2 SP. (As a side-note, it’s worth noting that the 11/2 claimed by the RP on Absinthe would have been reduced by non-runners and Rule 4 deductions)

Naturally Tom should be pleased with himself for doing so well yesterday, but the bigger question is…just how well do his betting tips stack up over time?

Well I want to tackle that today as since October 2009, we have been tracking every single one of the tips supplied by the Racing Post’s Pricewise Extra service in order to report back to our members.

The Pricewise Extra service allows access to the paid for tips service from the Racing Post that costs followers between £1.90 a day and £4.50 per week if paying annually to follow. Posted up at midday, it features tips from the likes of Tom Segal, Andrew Barr and others such as Eddie Fremantle & Paul Kealy on a daily basis.

Tom Segal Bang Out Of Form Before Yesterday

What the Racing Post fail to tell you is just how poor Tom’s tips via the Pricewise Extra service have been for a long time now prior to the winner yesterday.

Taking his figures at advised odds (more about how tricky these are to obtain shortly) since the start of 2011, our records show his stats as follows:

129 bets, 131 pts staked
loss to advised odds of -51 pts and a Return on Investment of -38.93%

This also includes a recent run of 33 bets which failed to yield one winner, with just a placed each way effort at 12/1 stopping the losing rot.

Prior to 2011 though, Tom was red-hot with a profit of 132.2 pts from 175 bets and a 75.11% ROI.

Indeed if combining his record both pre and post 2011, our record shows that he comes out with a 26.45% Return on Investment from 303 bets so overall he is profitable. You just need to be very patient if following him in…and that’s before we discuss how tough it is to get the odds he puts forward.

Pricewise Tips Sends The Bookies Scurrying

Something else Tom Segal and his Pricewise Extra compatriots are noted for is how quick the bookmakers slash the advised odds on the tips they put up.

In our Smart Betting Club review of the service we tackled this head on, because at times it can be very difficult to get anywhere near the advised prices they put forward and settle bets at.

To take Tom as an example, his record over the 303 bets he has given via Pricewise Extra shows a huge difference between his advised price and the eventual SP.

Advised Profits: +81.2 pts from 307 pts staked
SP Profits: -49.95 pts from 307 pts staked

That’s a massive swing of 131.15 pts, and though we don’t expect many of you will be backing his tips at SP, it’s something you must know about before considering following Tom in.

Get The Full Lowdown On Pricewise Extra

So although it’s clear Tom has an edge over the bookmakers there is plenty to consider before we all rush to follow him in on his tips today at Chester. You would have needed the patience of a saint if backing the Pricewise Extra tips of late, plus the ability to place his bets at  warp speed when they come out to get his advised prices. Something the Racing Post neglect to make mention of.

If you are interested in finding out more about Pricewise Extra and their results, each month we publish their latest profit and loss figures via our Tipster Profit Report.

You can also download via the SBC forum own record of their exact bet rundown since October 2009, which includes…

  • Each and every bet from Tom Segal, Andrew Barr, Eddie Fremantle, Paul Kealy and all other Pricewise Extra contributors since October 2009
  • Profit figures to both advised and SP.
  • The total monthly figures for the service combined.
  • Day of week analysis – certain days are more profitable to follow than others

If you are after more similar tipster analysis, check out the latest SBC Tipster Profit Report, published  yesterday, which includes the full profit and loss figures for over 40 top tipsters, alongside best buy tables and our unique tipster ratings.

The top services form our tipster Hall of Fame (Pricewise Extra is not in this!) – those services we recommend ourselves that provide genuine, long-term profitable betting advice.

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