Introducing The Better Betting Campaign: Fight Back Against Unfair Bookmakers

Today sees the official launch of the Smart Betting Club’s Better Betting Campaign, which is calling for action on 3 major issues many punters currently face:

1. The increased restriction and closure of betting accounts;
2. The widespread use of unauthorised tracking software;
3. The steady increase in bet disputes by bookmakers acting without proper regulation.

The Better Betting Campaign has been setup to expose the depth of these issues and provide tangible practical advice on what you can do to demand action and fight back against unfair bookmaking.

Download Your Free Campaign Report

We are inviting everyone impacted by these issues to download our FREE ‘Getting On’ Report – which is dedicated to helping you understand some of the key issues at stake.

It’s a FREE 55-page report featuring expert articles and guidance – including the results of our account restrictions survey on the worst bookmakers and interviews with the likes of Simon Rowlands, Paul Fairhead and several professional gamblers.

Available in PDF format – you can download it now via the Better Betting Campaign Webpage.

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How You Can Support The Better Betting Campaign

The more people that support and raise awareness about the Better Betting Campaign, the greater the impact it will have. Here are just a few ways you can play your part:

  1. Take Action: Inside the Getting On Report, you can find advice on how you can demand action from your MP and an investigation into bookmaker restrictions and closures. The more people that write to their MP the better!You can also discover how you can complain to the Information Commissioners Office about the usage of hidden bookmaker tracking software and demand they investigate further.
  2. Discuss on Social Media: You can use the hashtag #betterbetting to raise awareness, share the Campaign links and keep the conversation flowing. The Smart Betting Club Twitter account is @sbcinfo – feel free to copy us in on your tweets!
  3. Share The Campaign: Invite others to visit the Better Betting Campaign website and read our report! Post on facebook, send emails, tell your friends and family…whatever you need to do to get the message out there.The Getting On Report is free to download and distribute – we want as many people to read it as possible as these issues impact thousands and thousands of punters.


Why We Have Launched This Campaign

We have set-up this campaign in response to the huge increase in problems that punters are suffering at the hands of bookmakers.

Their refusal to play fair and its impact on some sports such as Horse Racing has reached critical levels and it’s time for action.

The Better Betting Campaign has been developed as a central resource to drive awareness of the issue, educate punters as to how they can take action and provide practical advice on how they can get their bets on.

As one of the few bookmaker-independent outlets, this also enables us to speak the truth about the betting industry and to represent the people that matter most to us – you the punter.

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