Interview With Pro Punter 'Peter Green'

It’s all eyes on Aintree tomorrow for the Grand National, which is not only the race that stops a nation, but also in my view – the race that makes the most profits…but only if you are a bookmaker!

It’s easy to see why too, not only are there 40 runners going to post with the likelihood the majority might not even finish, but also the ridiculously high over-round that the bookies work to.

For the Grand National this can be as high as 140 or 150% – basically the larger this number the greater chance the bookies coffers will swell come Saturday Evening. In comparison, most races such as those being run today at Aintree see an average over-round of up to perhaps 110%.

Still, if like me and you like to have a punt on it anyway, you will want to make sure it’s an informed one and with that in mind, you need to be very careful who you bet with especially if betting each way.

Victor Chandler for example are paying out on the first 6 horses to finish the race, whilst Bet365, Skybet, Boylesports, Paddy Power & Stan James will pay a return on 5th spot.

On the flipside, Totesport, Betfred, Ladbrokes, Coral & William Hill should all hang their heads in shame as they only pay out on an each way bet if your horse finishes 4th or higher!

It’s Not Just About One Race In April

As much as I enjoy watching the Grand National, I am always acutely aware that it’s just one race out of thousands each year where I can make a profit.

One man who certainly agrees with me on that is pro punter Peter Green, who makes a significant sum of money betting on the sport of Kings.

Peter was the subject of our latest SBC Interview as part of our new ‘How I Make Money Betting’ series. In his revealing interview, Peter revealed exactly how he makes betting pay, discussing everything from the tipsters he follows to his advice for other punters looking to repeat his success.

The full interview can be found in the March SBC magazine, but for your benefit, I have copied a few sample excerpts for you to enjoy

SBC: Hi Peter, thanks very much for agreeing to be the first person interviewed as part of our How I Make Money Betting series. To start off with, can you tell us how long you have been betting and a bit about your betting history.

Peter Green: I have being betting since 2004 on and off basis. From 2009 onwards I started to take it seriously. After 3 years of an “expensive apprenticeship” in 2011 I started to figure out that you could make money from it! I think I might have joined  the SBC in 2009, although I didn’t start using the tipsters until late 2010. I had to work through my own stupidity first before I gave myself up unreservedly to the Smart Betting Club and following tipsters!

SBC: Was there any particular Eureka! moment that transitioned you from ‘apprentice’ to master so to speak?

PG: I suppose initially there was a light bulb moment rather than a Eureka one. I came across a site (not SBC) in late 2010 and for the first time I saw league tables of tipsters in a number of different sports. It was glossy and well presented and seemed above board and transparent. For the  first time I could see the importance of  ROI, staking plans ,etc.

I joined a tennis service called Jonny Bravo and I made profits as per what the service stated. I also saw the potentials profits one could make from horse racing but I always had told myself I would never bet on a sport that I wasn’t particularly interested in. That’s why I stayed away from horse racing for so long.

In January 2011 I delved into the Hall of Fame part of the Smart Betting Club. I joined the cheaper services such as Northern Monkey, Probandit and PJA Racing to get started with. I also distinctly remember sending a email to ‘The Judge’ every day so I could join his On The Nose service. My persistence paid off as I got in.

I then started making proper money for the first time via this portfolio. That, if anything was the eureka moment. I had been in the desert of ignorance for two years and I hoped rather than believed I could make money from betting. The reality was that in the beginning, I was no better than the poor sucker in the bookie shop. Now I had the keys to the door. My next aim was to get big enough to join some of the big players, which I was recently able to do.

SBC: How often do you bet? i.e. Is it full-time, part-time, mornings only?

PG: I would have to say “full on” part time! I get on my laptop/phone between 9-12 in the morning 7 days a week. It requires my undivided attention as time is of the essence  in getting the bets on. I work in the afternoon. I like the mix as the latter is quite social whilst the former is not. I have no problem in motivation to get up 7 days a week. I have been to the “university of adversity” as regards betting for years so now that I have the (semi) good times I am not going to waste the opportunity.

SBC: Moving onto your actual performance, are you happy to share some idea on your own betting returns?

PG: Lately it has proved more volatile if anything. January was my best month ever with 1420 points profit. February was bad with a loss of 320 points. Having said that it would have been a lot worse if I did not have a good last week to the month. Overall my profits have improved year on year as the quality of the tipsters I use has improved and my betting bank has got larger.

Read The Full Interview

If these sample answers from our Peter Green interview interest you, then be sure to check out his full 6 page article, which is available in the latest SBC Magazine.

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