How this ordinary punter brought his retirement forward using just 1 tipster


Earlier this week I had a really interesting chat with SBC member, Lee who, thanks to the power of the Smart Betting Club service, has brought forward his retirement by a few years after making exceptional profits using just 1 tipster service.

Lee was good enough to answer a few of my specific questions on the tipster he has followed to achieve this. Inspiration for those of you who may not think that making a profit using tipsters is possible or that you need a huge wealth of experience or money.

Me: Why did you join the Smart Betting Club?

Lee: I joined looking for top quality tipsters and one in particular, run by a chap by the name of Allan who I used to follow a few years back when he ran a service called Timeline, which was without doubt the best service around at the time. Sadly, Allan had to close the Timeline service down and I was left without a tipster to follow.

After joining SBC in November 2017, I couldn’t believe my eyes when looking through your proofing I found Allan’s new service, which was very highly rated by you. The downside being he had started again in 2013 and I had missed 4 years worth of his tips!

After contacting Allan he took me on again and the profits continued just like the old days. So without joining SBC I would never have known which I thank you for.

Me: What is it you liked about Allan’s service and why is it the only tipster you follow?

Lee: I only use Allan’s service simply because I know the service is run by an honest upfront guy who is proven over many years as his results show. Like all services there are ups and downs but I have total confidence in the service and the highs far outweigh the lows.

Me: Do you mind if I ask what Allan’s tips have helped you achieve?

Lee: Being able to earn a nice steady income over a period of time from horse racing has always been an ambition of mine as I love the sport and Allan has achieved that for me.

In fact I brought forward my retirement by a few years with the profits he has made for me which I can’t thank him enough for.

Me: That’s great to hear! What are your plans moving forward and what would you say to those mulling over an SBC membership?

Lee: My plans for the future are to carry on as I am doing and hope to keep away from more bookmaker restrictions and closures which is a massive problem.

I like what you offer at SBC as its run by honest guys who are there to help the punter. Being able to monitor all the other services with detailed reports helps massively as does pointing punters in the direction of tipsters like Allan too.

Note – for those of you keen to know more on Allan’s service – it is a top-rated ‘Hall of Fame’ service, reviewed and monitored by the team at the Smart Betting Club. Full details on this service and others like it are available to all SBC members.

Read More From Other SBC Members

Lee is far from the only person I have been able to help through the Smart Betting Club recently as others such as Ian, Brian & Dave have also been kind enough to share their thoughts with me.

Brian is the longest running SBC member of the 3, having joined back in February 2013, not long after he took retirement. In our chat a few months back, he explained his overall betting progress and how he ‘suffered’ his worst year in 2017, when he ‘only’ won 7k!Read Brian’s case study.

Ian joined SBC back in 2016 after deciding to make the leap from casual sports bettor to profitable punter. Since he began he is showing a profit of £12,000 at an ROI of 6.6%, which is in line with his annual projections and is very happy with how things are going at this stage. Read Ian’s case study.

Rounding the 3 chats off we have Dave, who is a relative newcomer in comparison having joined in July 2017. He is taking a softly, softly approach to building his portfolio as he looks to make a second income from betting as a long-term strategy. Dave is using our reports and magazines to test the water and reports back that its a case of so-far, so-good. Read Dave’s case study.

Read More Case Studies (In Their Own Words)

You can read more from Brian, Ian & Dave alongside several other SBC members such as Michael, Steve & Justin at the Case Studies page.

Everything published is based on the answers supplied by each member in their own words.

Why I Publish These Case Studies

I understand that in the betting and tipping world, trust can be an issue for many of you and quite rightly so. There are far too many unscrupulous tipsters and services out there (especially on social media) who try and take advantage of the lack of regulation.

Which is why I post these real-life case studies based on my conversations with individual SBC members to showcase why you can trust us. The SBC service has been in operation since 2006, during which time we have established ourselves based largely on word-of-mouth and individual recommendations.

Read more about our service and also why our 100% independent stance sets us out from the crowd.

To further prove the genuine nature of the SBC service, there is a 90-day money back guarantee available should you join and not enjoy what we offer. We provide this guarantee as we are fully confident you will enjoy the service we provide.

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