A Bookies Worst Nightmare – Special Horse Racing Tipster Profit Report

Discover the top racing experts to follow with your copy of our NEW Horse Racing Tipster Profit Report

Focusing on 34 of the best racing tipsters we have reviewed since 2006, you can explore our unique ratings, rankings, analysis and best buy tables to help you find the right expert for you.

Highlights inside include:

  1. The new Hall of Fame entrant up more than 142 points profit so far this year
  2. The racing expert with amazing longevity – more than 8000 tips advised and a 32% ROI to boot!
  3. The free-to-SBC-members racing tipster posting more than 1100 points profit since 2011
  4. The top rated racing guru with 84% betting bank growth since January.

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The Top Ten Low Cost Racing Tipsters

To showcase how this Racing Tipster Profit Report can help you, check out the extract taken from the Low Cost Tipster Table found within it below.

Although the names of each tipster are hidden (this is available to Smart Betting Club members only), you can see how much profit is being made for very little outlay each month.

The top low cost tipster has made an annualised profit figure of £4,285 for just £20 a month fees. You can also see we have a new entry this month at #4, which is free to follow for SBC members and has generated a £1,932 annualised profit.

Each of the top 10 low cost tipsters is making in excess of £1,100 annualised profit figures for less than a £30 outlay per month.

What is Annualised Profit and how do we generate the figures in the table above?

The Annualised Profit figure helps to put a tipsters results into context as it takes several performance figures together, including betting bank growth to provide an estimated yearly average profit figure.

This is judged if operating to a £2000 betting bank for each tipster to provide a standard comparison tool, although it’s important to make clear you don’t need as much as £2000 to get started – it is just a sum for easy comparison.

Find The Right Tipsters To Suit You!

This Tipster Profit Report is designed to help you find the very best betting tipsters – those that have proven themselves to be successful over a long period of time.

Anyone can pick a few winners every now and then but it takes REAL SKILL to beat the bookmaker over the long-term – which is exactly what this report reveals.

To help illustrate just how good the best tipsters are and to help find the right one for you, inside this report we break them down into different categories so you can easily compare:

  • The most profitable overall tipsters;
  • The best tipsters from the last 12 months only;
  • The best low cost tipsters;
  • The best free tipsters;
  • The best betting bank growth tipsters;
  • The best ‘odds availability’ tipsters (those that quote realistic prices);
  • And much more besides…

We also know that it’s not just profits in theory that you want but in practice. Which is why you can also view:

  • The Best ‘Adjusted Profits’ Tipsters – Discover how each tipsters profits stand up if betting 15 to 30 minutes after a tip is supplied (ideal if you are worried about not getting the advised prices)
  • Unique ‘Suggested Profits’ Tables– Discover how much money you need to risk on each tipster to make a profit – and how much you can make if doing so. Fully tailored to each tipster to be entirely realistic.

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