Update: Our Half-Time Strategy Success & Why Everton Are A Team To Oppose In First 45 Minutes

In November’s Smart Betting Club magazine, one of the features were our  ‘plug and play’ strategies to apply for Half-Time football betting that historically we had found to be very profitable. You can read our original blog post about it here.

Therefore we thought it was well worth an update on just how they have been performing since then…

Our Half-Time Betting Strategy Results

Since the article was released on November 30th, Results have been excellent, with half time results going the way of the longer term trends more often than not.

In total there have been 18 bets since that date, with a profit of 13.88 pts at 1pt level stakes.

This has brought the total figure made since the start of 2011/12 season to the following:

Bets: 79
Staked: 79
Profit: +31.74
ROI: 40%.

To put this into financial figures, at £100 stakes you would have staked £7900 and made a profit of £3174 from just 79 bets.

Everton One To Oppose at Half-Time

Our Half-Time strategy involves highlighting the teams that show profits through in 4 different manners such as…

  • Away teams to oppose at half time:
  • Home teams to oppose at half time:
  • Away teams to back at half time:
  • Home teams to back at half time:

For example, 3 home teams to oppose at half-time are Wigan, Everton & Fulham with the Toffees well worth siding against in the first half of home games. In their last 2 home fixtures they have been losing at half time to Stoke and Norwich at odds of 5.0 and 7.35, bringing the season tally for opposing Everton at half time to +16.45 points.

Home teams to oppose at half time:

  • Wigan +0.11 / +3.74 pts
  • Everton: +11.35 / +16.45 pts
  • Fulham: -2/ +2.45

You can get a full rundown of all the teams to either back or oppose, home or away at half-time as a Smart Betting Club magazine. Certainly it remains an area poorly priced up by the bookmaker and one where we can profit.