How to follow this exchange-friendly profitable laying tipster free with SBC (but be quick!)

Following on from my essential lay betting advice email on Friday, there has been a LOT of interest in SBC’s very own FREE laying tipster – ‘The Accountant due to the profits being racked up from his easy-to-follow betting exchange tips.

The Accountant’s laying tips have made a profit of £2,248.94 since August 2017 over the course of almost 850 place lays. Each of which has been supplied free of charge to Smart Betting Club members and all results settled at Betfair SP minus 5% commission.

(A place lay is simply whereby you lay a horse not to finish in the place money – usually the first 2, 3 or 4 of any given race)

As you can imagine, demand is proving high for his expertise, especially given how easy it is to follow his profitable method at Betfair, or indeed on any of the other exchanges.

Which is why I have negotiated a deal with The Accountant whereby he has agreed to provide all of his advice for free until at least the end of May 2018.

All you need to access these free tips is a Smart Betting Club membership with full details on how to follow his advice via email supplied to all within the SBC service.

This is a really good deal, especially when you consider he has already been providing his tips for free via email to SBC members since August 2017.

Beyond May 2018, there is every likelihood that he will look to charge a fee for his advice. Although he was at pains to make clear that anyone following him prior to becoming a paid service would be given priority to join what he plans to be a very exclusive and limited number service.

The Accountant’s Profits Laid Bare

For those of you keen to know more on the profits he has generated – here is the lowdown on what has been achieved thus far.

The Accountant recommends 2 different staking plans you can choose from when following his place laying service as follows:

  1. The first staking plan is to risk a fixed £100 sum on each lay regardless of price.
    So if laying a horse at 2/1, you would stake £50 for a total max loss of £100 (£50 X 2/1). If it were 4/1, you would risk £25 and so on.
    This fixed approach has generated a profit of £4,326.30 from £80400 staked.
  2. The second (and our recommended method) is to risk 3% of your bank as the total liability on each lay. 
    So if your betting bank is £1000, you would risk £30 (3%) on the max loss from the lay. You would then recalcuate what 3% of your bank is each day.
    This 3% approach has generated a profit of £2248.94 and all from a starting bank of £1000. (You can obviously start from smaller or larger betting banks than £1000 as per your preferences – we use this simply for illustrative purposes

How To Follow The Accountant FREE With SBC

The Accountant is one of several tipsters who provide their advice free of charge to Smart Betting Club members. These free tipsters are often ideal to help get you started or to build up your betting profits without breaking the bank.

Other free tipsters include the long-term profitable racing experts, The Rooster and Racing UK’s Tipstar competition winner, Chris Baker. Read more about all 3 free SBC tipsters.

Tips from The Accountant, Chris & The Rooster are supplied both via email and also through access to the SBC members-only tipping forum.

Full details on how to access them are provided to all Smart Betting Club members.

So if you want to get started following these ready-made tipping experts for free – why not subscribe to SBC today and get going immediately.

See you on the inside

Best Regards,

Peter Ling
Smart Betting Club Editor