Finding The Best Tipsters: How Much Should You Pay For Tips?

This week, to continue our guide on ‘finding the best tipsters’, I want to focus on just how much they cost…and just how much you should expect to pay for tips (if at all!).

It’s fair to say that prices for tipsters can vary a fair bit.  But thankfully it doesn’t always mean that the tipster charging the highest amount will offer the best results.

In fact, quite the opposite is often true, and with the help of our tipster reports, we can point you in the right direction.  Here at the SBC we have recently added an entirely FREE service into our ‘Hall of Fame’, which has a profitable record to make many a paid-for-tipster blush (more about him later).

The Tipster Industry Has Evolved!

The tipster industry has moved on from the bad old days of premium phone lines and 4 figure membership sums offering you ‘inside information’ tips. Thankfully you can file them along with your old Betamax videos, shell suits and Bermuda shorts. The Racing Post may still carry adverts for a number of chancers who still operate in the tipster ‘dark ages’, but they really are flogging a dead horse (pardon the pun!).

These days, the best tipster services are run by professional people who send them via email, SMS and provide secure access to designated membership sections. We have everyone from Maths professors to accountants and directors operating them.

And as such, prices on the best tipsters are kept generally sensible and in line with what Joe Punter can afford. Perhaps most importantly, they are often put together so that you will make a clear profit after subscription fees (assuming you follow their tips).

Indeed, this is what we judge any tipster service on here at the Smart Betting Club.

Our recommendation to YOU is always that if a tipster service is asking for large sums of money – then they should have to work very hard (both in terms of service and profits) to justify their price tag.

It’s something we consider for all our ratings and reviews of tipsters at the Smart Betting Club and it’s fair to say, it has put a few tipster noses out of joint in the past!

A Top Free Tipster

One fascinating example of why you don’t always get what you pay for with tipsters is in the example of the free tipster we recently upgraded into our top-rated Hall of Fame here at SBC.

Their record is excellent and dating back to October 2011 when they started, it is as follows:

438 tips
438 pts staked
70.96 pts profit
16.20% Return on Investment.

Over the last 12 months, with a £2,000 betting bank, you would have made a profit of £1,505 following their tips (effectively 75% growth) to justify why we rate them so highly.

An Expensive Tipster With Poor Results

This performance looks even better when you contrast it with another high profile tipster that we used to monitor here at SBC. Without naming names, it is run by a well known tipster that charges as much as £1000 a year for their service, yet results during recent times have been very poor.

Over the same period of time as the free tipster, they made a loss of -2pts from 268 bets supplied. Not good enough and certainly not what you expect if paying such high fees. After tracking them for a while, it’s probably no surprise that we decided to drop them from our list of monitored tipsters, so poor was their performance.

Yet people still unwittingly flock to his service, as they wrongly assume that his high profile within the industry, coupled with expensive fees equate to top results. Not the case.

Don’t Get Caught Out With The Wrong Tipster

So don’t get caught out by following the wrong tipster and paying over the odds for services which you could get much cheaper.  You can find more details including results on the free tipster above, plus 51 other racing and sports tipsters in our recently released Tipster Profit Report.

To help you save money , we also run a Discount Club, whereby many of the top tipsters offer discounts on the cost of subscribing exclusively to SBC members.

Sign-up to the Smart Betting Club today and gain instant access to all of our in-depth tipster analysis, discount club offers and much more besides…

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