An Update On The Football Tipsters To Follow

With just over half the football season now gone, it’s high time I updated you all on the performance of our top-rated football tipsters since the 2010/11 season began back in July.

Those of you reading the blog lately will have seen my racing tipsters update and might think that is the only sport we monitor here at the Smart Betting Club, but don’t be mislead – we also report upon lots of football tipsters, many of whom have an excellent record of success.

What’s more it’s open to all to follow and much to the chagrin of Andy Gray and Richard Keys – that includes women! Incidentally I think I have found a replacement for these 2 chauvinists in the form of Ron Manager – although he may be a bit too highbrow for Sky Sports!

This post is also an update on my blogs from October and November, where you can see the progress of these 7 tipsters featured below throughout this season.

Jumpers For Goalposts

To quickly recap first, I have been listing the exact performance from 7 different services, all of which we recommended to follow back when the 2010/11 season started in July.

The first 5 services below are in our Hall of Fame, whilst tipsters 6 and 7 are rated just beneath that in our ‘Recommended’ section.

It is our belief that following these tipsters (especially the top 5) will make you a tasty profit over the course of a full football season! And the stats prove this too…

Below is the updated table on their latest performance since July 2010 when the new season began.

(Please note – the actual names of each tipster have been protected and are available to full SBC members only).Note that ROI = Return on Investment which is the total profits divided by total stakes.

We are really pleased with the figures produced since July with 6 out of 7 services all making a profit of a good standard. Combined at just £10 stakes, your profit would be over £1500 and at £100 stakes this rises to over £15,000.

If following a combination of these services, you couldn’t have failed to make a profit since July and it goes to show how strong an area football betting can be. Although only if you have the right tipsters to guide you – which is where we can help you!

Staking Strategically!

Of course, in reality, it doesn’t make sense to simply lump £50 on every bet as each tipster has a different strategy. Some like to bet regularly and frequently, whilst others work more selectively and you need to tailor your staking to work most efficiently. Therefore we adjust the amounts we place per bet based upon each service and its strategy.

In our example below, you can see that Service 1 has advised 289 bets this year in contrast to Service 3 (only 35 bets) so you would want to follow them with different staking amounts.  For example – in the table below we have £40 on each Service 1 bet and £130 on each Service 3 bet.

Check out one such suggestion for an optimised way of following these 7 tipsters together and what you could have made in the table below.

By using this sensible money management and employing what we call betting banks, you can make your betting much more efficient.

We help advise all SBC members on how to do this themselves – It’s easy to do and can make a world of difference! We have plenty of information available to explain this in an easy to follow fashion once you join.

Find Out More About How We Can Help You

If you are keen to find out all the details on the 7 football tipsters above, their identities and how you can start following them, all of this is available as a Smart Betting Club member.

You can also gain access to all of our recommended services that cover many different sports such as Horse Racing, Golf & Tennis.

Each month we also report back and review all the latest tipsters that have appeared on the scene so you are always bang up to date.

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