Adopt The Mindset Of A Pro Gambler

For any wannabe Pro Gambler, there are  2 key hurdles to overcome when it comes to making money betting, which are…

1) Having access to winning information and correct money management; and
2) Adopting the mindset of a winner.

In my experience, far too many people rely solely on 1) and expect that 2) will just fall into place as they go along. This is not always the case. After all, its a well known stat that only 2% of all who gamble actually go on to make a profit, leaving the other 98% to swell the bookies coffers.

So how then do you adopt the mindset of a betting winner?

Well for starters understanding how that big lump of grey matter insider our heads actually works can really help.

The problem us gamblers face is that our brains are a bit old; it’s been hundreds of thousands of years since we last had a major upgrade. We’ve a Stone Age brain trying to cope with a world of iPhones and online bookmakers. As such there are a number of small but significant mental biases we all carry as our overloaded brain tries to make sense of the modern world around us.

For example, let’s consider the contrasting highs and lows that take place whenever we bag a big winning bet or suffer a heavy loser.

How exactly should we react in these different circumstances?

Well, the right thing to do is treat each bet dispassionately. After all, its often just one bet in isolation, isn’t it? Yet our animal instincts tell us differently.

This is because scientific research indicates that the negative feeling we get when we hit a loser, hurts twice as much as the pleasure gained when backing a winner.

This harks back to our evolutionary instinct to guard any food fiercely. Therefore if you lost 10 out of 15 bets in any given day, you will probably feel the intensity of such a day more than one where you won in 10 out of 15 bets.

Understanding this can be critical to just how well a punter can handle the ups and downs of betting. It’s also why many successful gamblers don’t watch the race or game they have a big bet on as the emotional toll is just too heavy!

The Price Isn’t Right?

Our brains also let us down when it comes to the way they anchor around price points, which means we often don’t see the bigger picture. To explain, lets consider the 2 following scenarios…

Pro Gambler

Betting Clever Like A Pro Gambler

The above scenarios are just 2 simple psychological quirks of our brain, which we have to overcome when it comes to betting.

We need to bet clever and be aware of all these little intricacies that kick in and might cloud our judgment. Very often just by being aware of these facts can help you look at your own betting in a totally different light.

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