9 Years Proof That Racing Tipsters Can Make Money

Every now and then I get an email or tweet telling me “You can’t make money with tipsters, I don’t know why the Smart Betting Club exists”.

Well, sometimes it might be written a little more colourfully, but the general crux is that there appears to be a general dis-belief from some that you can make any money by following tipsters.

I can certainly understand why some form that opinion, especially if they have had a bad experience of following the wrong tipster(s) or if caught out by one of the many scams that are out there.  But, if you know where to look, there are plenty of good tipsters that can and will make you money. I have done it myself and observed plenty of other SBC members turning strong profits, with some even living off their betting funds alone.

So, for the sceptical amongst you, allow me to reveal one of our top-rated tipsters and present  how he is making money for the SBC members that follow him…

The Godfather of Racing Tipping

One of our top rated tipster services is called Equine Investments and is run by Laurence Lambourn,  who is often regarded as the ‘Godfather of Racing Tipping’ due to his many years bashing the bookies.

So powerful is he that his name alone sees the bookmakers run for cover and in one case he recently had a new betting account closed down before he had even placed a bet, simply due to his reputation!

This reputation is well earnt as for 9 years he has piled on the profits by consistently beating the bookmakers with a 33 % Return on Investment from 4635 bets.

Year-in, Year-out he has made an excellent profit thanks to his hard work and racing tipster nous. His success is not down to any dodgy sounding ‘insider info’ or lucky winners, but good, honest value betting.

To view the type of profits he has made, check out a full rundown of his performance to £1, £10, £25 and £50 level stakes since inception. At just £50 stakes, he has made followers over £130,000 in 9 years and not surprising, is one reason he is so popular.

How He Makes Money Betting

To find out more about his betting and tipping success, Laurence was also the latest interview subject of our ‘How I Make Money Betting’ series. He gladly answered our questions here at SBC on all aspects of his personal betting, so we could share with readers the secrets of his success.

In this interview, Laurence revealed:

  • How he started tipping – the motivation behind it and his background.
  • How he developed into becoming a genuine profitable punter.
  • What mistakes he made starting off.
  • What he bets on and with whom.
  • His advice for punters looking to emulate him.
  • The team he works with at Equine Investments.
  • How he handles the psychological side of betting and losing runs.

The full interview is available in the latest SBC magazine (Issue 82) which is available now.

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