5 Top Tipsters & Systems For Cheltenham 2012

Yesterday was the beginning of March and alongside the beautiful blue skies that broke out to signal the end of Winter and start of Spring, it is also the month racing purists long for with the 2012 Cheltenham Festival now less than 2 weeks away.

So close is Cheltenham 2012 now that there is huge concern over two-time champion Kauto Star’s participation following a fall on the gallops that leaves him rated just 50/50 to run in the Gold Cup. Subsequently the  betting market has been turned on its head with the Paul Nicholls charge out to 7.4 on Betfair and the strongly tipped Long Run pushed into evens with the likes of Ladbrokes.

With all this going on, it just goes to prove how tricky it can be at the best of times for Joe Punter to make a profit horse racing. Which is why we have put together a list of 5 top tipsters and systems to follow during Cheltenham 2012 to guide those of you looking for a helping hand…

We have hand-picked 5 top racing tips experts and systems with a proven record at Cheltenham 2012 (with one curve-ball tips expert who doesn’t – see what I mean shortly) that we think are worth you knowing about.

If you enjoy this then you can get more via our Cheltenham 2012 Tips Guide, which is being released for free on Tuesday 6th March for even more insight.

Your 5 Top Cheltenham 2012 Tips Experts

1)      Scott Armstrong AKA The Sportsman

Readers of this blog and Smart Betting Club members will already be hugely familiar with Scott and his undoubted racing expertise. Not only does Scott have a proven tips service and write a very successful column in our SBC newsletters but he also has an outstanding record at Cheltenham.

Following Scott in blindly on his Cheltenham tips in the past two years, would have you pocketed you a Return On Investment of 46% alone. If you also factored in his extra lay advice (to lock in guaranteed profits) that becomes 140% ROI.

His tips are well worth following in during Cheltenham 2012 and you can pick up his two best value bets of each day of the Festival in our free Cheltenham 2012 Tips Guide.

2)      Herbie Fogg

We revealed all about Herbie and his profits in our recent blog post on affordable and free racing tipsters, but you might not be aware of his outstanding record of success at the big festivals.

In 2011 at the seven big flat racing festivals, he made a ROI of 92.90% from just 90 bets – meaning for every £100 staked, you would have won £92.90 back.

Herbie’s service comes to life during these big events and we rate him as a tipster to look out for during Cheltenham 2012.  Herbie also offers all SBC members a unique saving of up to £8 a month if joining his service via the SBC Discount Club.

3)      The Market Examiner

The one curveball we promised you is that of The Market Examiner who don’t have a particularly good record at Cheltenham but yet find themselves in this list.

Why exactly?

Well because during Cheltenham week they instead focus attention at the other race meetings that take place (Yes there are some!) where they have a fantastic record.

During the last 2 years, they have picked out 7 bets and 3 winners at 13/2, 6/1 and 9/1 (a 2pt max bet) for a ROI of 331.25% over Cheltenham week.

The logic behind this is sound as with all eyes on Cheltenham, big gambles are going on at the other race meetings that most of us will not pick up on. That is apart from The Market Examiner, who are also one of the key contributors to our free Cheltenham 2012 Tips Guide.

4)      4 Pronged Attack System

If you are looking for a system to follow during Cheltenham, then look no further than our very own 4 Pronged Attack Racing System – For no other reason than the fact it’s been simply without peer for picking winners.

In the past 12 months alone at just £25 stakes it will have made you over £3,750.00 from its suggested bets.

Its designed to prosper during festivals such as Cheltenham thanks to the unique way it filters 4 different strands of high quality information to churn out the best possible tips.

Best of all its available completely free to all Smart Betting Club members, including details on how you can get the building blocks of the system sent to you via email for free. Making it extremely easy to follow its tips during Cheltenham.

5)      Packed Pockets

Last but not least, we have one of the very best free racing experts you are likely to find for Cheltenham to round off our top 5 list.

Packed Pockets is a well known free site and the record of its main tipster PJ is without question – amazing. Last year alone at Cheltenham he supplied just 3 bets but still managed to make one of these the 20/1 winner Buena Vista.

It was a case of lightning striking twice as Buena Vista also won for him at 20/1 back in Cheltenham 2010, where you guessed it he made another huge overall profit.

The only downside with Packed Pockets is the quantity of tips, which have become fairly low of late, but you can most likely expect a good number of free tips during Cheltenham 2012.

If his past record is anything to go by then its worth taking a peak at his suggestions during Cheltenham week. We also have a full review of the Packed Pockets site in our most recent SBC magazine, if you want to find out more on him plus the other free tipsters we monitor.

Help At Cheltenham And Beyond.

If you are looking for even more help during Cheltenham and beyond, then do check out our service at the Smart Betting Club as we monitor and report back on over 25 different racing tipsters each month.

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Peter – SBC Editor

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