4 Pronged Attack Racing System

Read How This Free Racing System Could Have Made You Over £16,000.00 At £50 Stakes Since May 2010 (to £50 stakes)


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Is the 4 pronged attack the best racing system?

We think it is and let us show you why with its profit figures since we started using it in May 2010.

Since then ithas made a fantastic 326.91 pts profit from 651 bets (total amount staked of 937.5 points) and at a Return on Investment of 34.87%!

To put this into financial figures...

At £10 stakes, you would have staked £9,375 and won £3,269.10
At £25 stakes, you would have staked £23,437 and
won £8,172.75
At £50 stakes, you would have staked £46,875 and
won £16,345.5
At £100 stakes, you would have staked £93,750 and
won £32,691

All figures correct as of 31/3/13

Just look at the profit graph from the 4 Pronged Attack since May 2010...

4 Pronged Attack Graph

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The 4 Pronged Attack is an outstanding horse racing system, built on solid principles and rules, with a superb profitable record of advice. Since we began following it in 2010, it has picked out consistent winners, many of which at big prices.

The great news is that as a Secret Betting Club subscriber you can pick up all the details on how to follow this system totally for free, the instant you sign-up.

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The 4 Pronged Attack - Explained

The 4 Pronged Attack was developed by the well known professional gambler and scourge of many a bookmaker - Paul Chandler-Burns (known to many by his initials - PCB). A few years back he showed us this easy to follow system that had been generating exceptional profits for him, which he called the 4 Pronged Attack.

Immediately we saw its promise and set to work negotiating a deal to share it with our Secret Betting Club members. It had all the elements of the best betting systems - it was logical, had a high quality selection method and most of all was very easy to follow.

All you needed was access to the Racing Post and a few other websites and you could quickly pick out its tips. In more recent times its got even easier to follow with the ability now to get all the system building blocks sent to you via email for free (our full system guide tells you exactly how).

You need no knowledge of racing to follow the system, nor need you subscribe or pay for anything once you have it. Its completely free to follow, easy to understand and most of all - proven to be very profitable.

As soon as you join us here at the Secret Betting Club you can download the system's instructions in full and get started following it in!

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The 4 Pronged Attack - The Results

We monitor a lot of tipsters and systems, and quite frankly the returns from the 4 Pronged Attack System are up there with the very, very best. It has consistently maintained a Return on Investment in excess of 30%, which is generally unheard of when it comes to betting systems.

Whats more is that it has been able to maintain that over a long period of time so is most defintely not just a flash in the pan! This is because it is build upon solid logical foundations, proven to work over the passing of time.

Check out the full results since May 2010 in the table below...

Period Bets Stakes Profit ROI
All bets 651 937.5 326.91 34.87%

Recent Winners Include:

Hurricane Higgins at 28/1, Barnet Fair at 12/1, Giofra at 10/1, Bonnie Brae at 10/1, Citizenship at 13/1, Midnight Chase at 13/2, Tominator at 40/1, Edinburgh Knight at 33/1, Exmoor Ranger at 20/1, Nocturnal Affair at 14/1, Immortal Verse at 14/1, Bertiewhittle at 12/1, Ciceron at 12/1, Synchronised at 14/1, Moonlight Cloud at 12/1, Sole Power at 12/1 & Misty For Me at 10/1

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