5 Top Footy Tipsters To Grow Your Betting Bank With

If there is one thing we are known for at the Smart Betting Club it’s our Hall of Fame of the best tipsters to follow – effectively those proven to make you money betting.

But just exactly how do we come up with these top rated tipsters? And more importantly…how can you do the same and quickly sift the tipster wheat from the chaff?

Well one very straight-forward way to do this is by looking at ‘betting bank’ growth…or as we term it ‘Return on Capital’ or ROC. Allow me to explain why its essential to finding a good tipster and just how our 5 top footy tipsters stack up against it.

ROC is a really simple measure that translates how much your money has grown in relation to its starting point. It is a simple percentage figure, which is very easy to calculate – even Robbie Savage could work it out!

Say for example you started following a football tipster with a £2000 betting bank last August and by May it has made a profit of £3000. Your ROC is the percentage increase, which in this instance is 150%. (£3000 / £2000 X 100).

It’s a great way of seeing exactly how much real-life money a tipster can make you.

5 Top Betting Bank Growth Footy Tipsters

We perform this calculation for each tipster we monitor and below you can find the top 5 footy tipsters (based on ‘betting bank’ profit from our SBC ratings):

Footy Tipster

We have removed their names as this is for full SBC members only, but you can see the average yearly % growth and how much profit you would make based on a £2000 starting bank.

Our top rated tipster averages just over 150% growth, which to a £2000 bank indicates £3000 profit! Even the 5th best service will make you over 90% growth – fantastic figures.

Perfect For Even The Busiest Punter

Interestingly, our research shows that these profits can be returned by tipsters who supply less than 15 bets on average per month.  So, all of this is achievable for even the busiest punter.

Footy Tipster

As you can see, even the tipster supplying just 6 bets in an average made £1,465.60 profit from a £2000 bank.

Top of the class again however is…you guessed it ‘Service 1’, which makes an annualised profit of £3059.20 from an average of 12.7 bets per month.

Watch Out For Scam ROC Calculations

All of our ROC calculations are based upon our standardised approach to betting banks, which we work out individually for each tipster we monitor. Thus you can be confident they are fully accurate.

You do need to be careful though as some scam services deliberately advise the wrong figures to mislead when it comes to betting bank growth.

Therefore – if you come across a service claiming a high ROC figure, double-check the results (or even better check with us) to make sure they aren’t telling porkies!

Alternatively, simply sit back and let us do the work and tell you which tipster services we rate with a Smart Betting Club Membership.

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