5 Steps To Finding The Best Tipsters

One of the easiest ways to make money betting is by following the best tipsters – that is to follow experts who know how to get one over on the bookmaker in their particular area of interest.

It’s fair to say that not everyone is a fan of following tipsters and often for good reasons as it’s an industry occasionally blighted by scams and poorly regulated.

There are however some very good tipsters out there, which we at SBC know first-hand from our experience proofing them and also benefitting financially from their tips.

Choosing the right tipster though isn’t always as straightforward as looking at a spreadsheet or the results on a website for the bottom line and signing up accordingly.

So to help you, here is our 5 step guide for helping to finding the best tipsters…

1) Proofed results – Are they for real?

Let’s be frank, the betting world has more than its fair share of rogues who flatter to deceive or indeed, simply downright deceive with their results. The most common trick is to advertise their big winners only, and not mention the thousands of losing bets.

At The Smart Betting Club, our number one rule with sports betting tipsters you do not know is to never trust headline results unless those bets have been proofed in advance by a trusted third party.

Here are a few reputable 3rd party proofing sites, which we can recommend as trust-worthy:

  • Racing Proofing – Our sister website. Reliable proofing of horse racing tipsters using prices advised at the bookmakers.
  • Sports Tipsters – Run by the highly respected Joseph Buchdahl, Sports Tipsters is a reliable source of proofed results for football & rugby tipsters.
  • Racing Index – Reliable and accurate automated proofing of horse racing tipsters based on SP and Betfair SP.

2) Have there been enough bets?

Another tip is to ensure that the tipster you are looking at has a long enough track record for you to make a realistic assessment of their abilities. If they have less than 100 bets, then be very wary of reading too much into their results. Just by making selections on a coin flip alone, you could probably make a good profit over 100 bets especially at short odds. It could be they have got off to a lucky start.

The best tipsters have maintained a profitable service over time and have realistic looking records, with occasional losing runs listed. After all, everyone has losing runs and bad spells, so if you see a tipster with results that seem too good to be true – well they probably are!

3) Know your tipster: Can you realistically follow them?

While a tipster’s results might look good on paper, you need to ensure that you can practically follow them yourself. Some tipsters are rightly feared by the bookmakers, so can move available odds within minutes. Will you be able to get on in time?

Some tipsters send out tips during the day, while some only send them during the evening. If for example, you work during the day – will you be able to get on?

Make sure you ask any tipster about these practical matters before joining – so you do not regret it later.

4) Managing your bank: Is it worth it?

A tipster might seem attractive on the face of it, but once you have assessed your available betting funds and the amount you will be placing per stake, are you going to be making enough money after subscription fees?

No matter how attractive a tipster’s results might seem, if the subscription fees are going to eat into your returns too much, you’re giving yourself too much of a handicap. Similarly, if they require a big betting bank and high stakes – it might not be worth it!

Be realistic in what you can afford and what you’re likely to achieve.

5) Customer service

If you can’t get a straight answer to your questions from any tipster at the outset – even before you have handed over your money – then the alarms bells should be ringing and you should head for the hills, right away.

Be realistic though, most tipsters are one man bands, so don’t expect an immediate response to all your queries. What you can expect though are clear, transparent replies in a professional manner.

More Available

Hopefully the 5 tips above will serve as a starting point for helping you pick out good tipsters, but if you are looking for more expert guidance, then let SBC help you.

That’s because checking out tipsters is our day job and we scrutinise the results and performance of 45 of the very best racing and sports experts in our monthly Tipster Profit Reports. The very best of whom make our tipster ‘Hall of Fame’ – effectively our top-rated services to make you money.

We also help keep you one step ahead of other punters through our magazines, which regularly feature in-depth reviews of 2 to 3 new tipster services each month. Helping you find out about the newest, brightest tipsters on the scene before anyone else!

If you are interested in tipsters – let us do the hard work for you and show you just which ones you should be following (and those to avoid!). Membership to the Smart Betting Club costs the equivalent of just 19p per day.

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