4 Tips To Win The ‘Britain At The Bookies’ Battle

4 Tips To Win The ‘Britain At The Bookies’ Battle

On Monday, the BBC screened the first episode of their new ‘Britain At The Bookies‘ series – designed to explore the winners and losers of the UK betting industry.
As part of the series, bookmakers Coral invited the BBC cameras into one of their best performing stores in Huddersfield as well as the Coral head office, no doubt keen to showcase the more ‘human’ side of their operation.

It’s a reasonable enough 60 minutes watch, even if just to witness how different punters suffer at the bookies hands – from the poor guy spending all his benefit money on FOBT machines, though to the educated punter struggling to get his bet matched as he is a serial winner.

And if you too are a successful punter (or have aspirations to be one) then this show is a good reminder of the fact betting is a winner-takes-all battle between punter and bookmaker.

One wins, one loses and there is very little in-between – despite the bookies ‘chummy’ attempts to woo us with free bets and cups of tea or the facade that bookie shops are ‘part of the community’. Shops exist these days primarily as they can hold 4 FOBT machines in each one.

And in today’s unfair betting climate, to be a continuous winner over the bookies you have to be shrewd, adopt the right tactics and bet on the right sports in the right way.

So to help with that, I thought it wise to remind you of a few simple tips that can help you to win the punters v bookies war…

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1. Cover Your ‘Betting Tracks’ With A VPN

In Episode 1, a trader from Coral openly admits that they they track IP addresses when it comes to identifying winning gamblers – so covering these tracks is a must first off.

The solution therefore is to use one of the many VPN (Virtual Private Network) solutions available which help mask your IP address location.

One very easy to use VPN is  Zenmate – A free add on to your internet browser, which you can turn on and off in an instant.

When switched on, it fools the bookmaker as to your location and IP address, so they can’t easily link you to past successful bets or accounts you may have held with them.

It’s ideal for those of you who find yourself unfairly restricted or closed down for winning money in one account and are keen to open up a second.

2. Behave Like A ‘Mug Punter’

Prevention is always better than cure and often the best way to avoid restrictions is to pretend to be a mug punter in the first place.

Bookmakers like Coral really only want mug losing punters and anything you can do to convince them you fall into that category is a must.

For example, I understand that Bet Victor like to see their customers play in the online casino for the simple reason that the vast, vast majority of people who do, lose money and help swell their shareholders coffers.

Therefore the simple act of spinning £10 or £20 on the roulette or blackjack table every couple of weeks can help keep up the charade that you might not actually know what you are doing.

Even if you actually do.

3. Increase Your Betting on Football

Most of the difficulties punters face getting on these days revolves around horse racing, where bookies are very wary of taking bets on the sport.

This has also lead to many punters frustrated by horse racing to turn to football, where it is a heck of lot easier to get on and make money betting.

In fact, football is awash with bookies and exchanges willing to take your bets on the sport (such as Matchbook & Smarkets) with many of them offering competitive odds, high stakes and who actively welcome winners.

It is one reason why many SBC members after maximising all they can via horse racing, look to football to expand their profits.

At the very least, it is wise to mix up your betting beyond just horse racing for this reason. Adding in as much football betting as possible can often help extend the lifespan of many a betting account.


4. Look To The States

It’s not just football capturing punters imagination these days but US Sports such as NBA, NFL & NHL which offer some fantastic opportunities for shrewd punters to win money without restriction.

If you have never bet on some of these sports or have no idea how they work, then rest assured they are actually very easy to follow indeed.

The markets again offer great liquidity, competitive odds and make the horse racing betting market look prehistoric.

You are also not limited to the usual bookmaker suspects with exchanges like the aforementioned Matchbook & Smarkets alongside others such as 5 Dimes and Pinnacle Sports offering huge margins and welcoming winners.

Further Help Is At Hand

The 4 bits of advice above are just the tip of the iceberg for what you need to know as a serious punter and if you are keen to find out more about beating the bookmaker then you might like to consider a Smart Betting Club membership.

As well as regular reviews on all of the best UK and USA sport tipsters, we also regularly publish expert reports such as our VPN Special & Bookmaker Special guides from 2014.

The information found in both of these reports is very much still relevant and can help you keep one step ahead of the bookmaker.

All of which is instantly accessible with a Smart Betting Club subscription – available now with a full money back guarantee if in anyway not satisfied by our service.

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