12 Questions to Ask Before You Subscribe to a Tipster or System

Over recent weeks, I have noted a real feeding frenzy when it comes to the promotion of some of the latest betting system and tipster products that have hit the market. The number of e-books, bots, laying systems and the like that are released these days can be mind-boggling. Many are backed by some well co-ordinated marketing campaigns, all of which are designed to reel in as many punters as possible.

Ultimately though it’s not the marketing that matters, but the actual profitability of the product and proof that what is being claimed is accurate.

Sadly many of these products (the systems especially) leave a lot to be desired and if not careful you can find yourself out of pocket both from purchasing their wares and from betting losses incurred when following.

All is not lost though as we have some guidelines to share with you to help you navigate this, with 9 helpful questions (and 3 extra for systems) for you to ask anyone who wants your money!

9 Questions to Ask a Tipster

1 ) Does your service have a live website and how regularly is it updated?
2 ) How long has your service/system been in operation?
3 ) Is there a full breakdown of your results available either online or via email?
4 ) How much results data is available?
5 ) Are your results proofed? – KEY QUESTION
6 ) If results are proofed, whom are they proofed to and does the proofing service have a transparent copy of detailed performance for me to view?
7 ) If results are not proofed, why is this and why should I believe the results being claimed as accurate?
8 ) What odds are your results calculated to?
9 ) If your betting advice is to be placed on Betfair, what level of Betfair commission do you deduct from winnings?

We have also 3 extra questions for those services selling a system, as far too often this is one area that is being abused. With a system it is easy to muddle past results by making it complicated to view past performance and any good system vendor will be able to provide proof of actual past performance.

3 Extra Questions for System Sellers

1 ) Has your system been historically proven and are you able to provide accurate results to verify this?
2 ) Are your results able to be back-tracked and how much past data is available?
3 ) If your results are not able to be back-tracked, what evidence can you provide to backup the results claimed?

If you don’t get accurate or convincing replies to these questions, you have every right to be cautious and our motto is ‘If In Doubt, Leave it Out’!

If this whole area leaves you scratching your head, help is at hand as a Smart Betting Club member. Our A to Z list at www.smartbettingclub.com/info contains details on lots of our past reviews of many popular products. If you can’t find a review for a product you are interested in, do also try the “Search The Site” option.