World Cup & Castrol Ratings Roundup

Have a read of the first post here to make sense of this little tracking experiment:

Here’s the update on the results of recent matches:

1. Uruguay vs Germany. 0.5 points Uruguay +0.75 @ 1.94 & 0.5 points on Germany to score over 1.75 goals @ 2.01. +0.26

2. Holland vs Spain: Holland: Holland to win world cup at 2.60. -1 A loss, but a great value call considering how the match was played out.

Final total: +10.49 points from 32 points staked. A 33% profit on turnover.

Overall I think the Castrol ratings did a very good job of spotting when the bookmakers had over egged a certain team. I’ll certainly be keeping my eye on the ratings for the coming season.

Smart Betting Club world cup guide

Before the world cup we put out our betting guide, drawing tips and expertise from many of the tipsters we track in our monthly magazine.

It’s interesting to read this with the benefit of hindsight and you can do this here:

Some of the experts picked out a few good trading opportunities with Holland and Germany both available above 10/1 before the first ball was kicked. Matt Nesbitt got the top scorer almost right in David Villa and spotted some value in Germany’s Klose at 33/1.

Overall, it was a tricky World Cup with lots of strange results, especially in the group stages, such as Italy and England drawing with New Zealand and Algeria. In the knockout round it became a bit easier but still well done if you managed to finish with a profit. Whatever you made, it wont be a patch on the £2.5 Billion profit that FIFA has estimated to have pocketed!

We also ran a world cup competition for all SBC members, with the eventual winner correctly picking out Ghana & Uruguay as Quarter-finalists, Holland to make the final as well as Diego Forlan each way in the Golden Boot. He ended up making 31.35 pts profit from just 18 pts staked, which is great tipping!

New Season Around The Corner

One of the problems of betting on a short tournament such as the World Cup is the fact it only runs for 4 weeks and can throw up some strange results. Over the course of a full football season, luck evens itself out and form settles down, making it easier to profit from long-term.

The good news is that the new season is only a few weeks away and we will be back in touch closer to its start with details on how to make money football betting.