Why Over 50% Of Punters Use The Wrong Bookmakers

Betting these days is a hugely diverse area with punters able to bet on everything from the 3.15 at Kempton, to the toss of a coin at a football match and even the colour of the Queens hat.

There is however one thing that binds us all together as punters: Bookmakers.

Not all bookmakers are created the same and exactly who YOU bet with can make a huge difference to your profit. Heck it can make a difference to whether or not you even make a profit!

Sadly it seems the whole betting industry is geared against you, as stats from our newly released Football Bookmaker survey reveal that…

  • Over 70% of punters are betting with the worst-rated football bookmaker (and dont know it!)
  • Nearly 80% of punters are betting with the 2nd worst rated bookie..
  • Only 64% of punters hold accounts with our top rated bookie
  • As few as 51% of punters hold an account with our 2nd best bookie
  • And of most concern: Less than half of all punters (48%) hold accounts with our 4 top rated bookmakers.

Today I want to put an end to all this and help reveal some home truths about bookmakers that no-one else is prepared to discuss. Not only this, but I want to share details on which bookies you should use instead.

The Worst Bookies Are The Best Known!

Our survey revealed that of the 10 worst rated bookmakers, 8 of them appear on the Oddschecker website (All of which had an average rating of less than 5.30 out of 10).

That is to say, these bookmakers are household names, with names synonymous with betting such as Stan James and Victor Chandler all ranked in the bottom 5.

Yet strangely enough, both the above bookmakers were also the most popular with over 80% of punters holding accounts with them. Just goes to show how advertising and brand awareness tricks punters into thinking they offer the best odds!

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Why Then Are So Many Punters Betting With The Wrong Bookie?

Well there are a number of reasons for this. Many of these big name bookies have:

  • Large marketing budgets & PR departments;
  • Big name, established brands;
  • UK high street betting shops;
  • Slick websites.

Many industry websites and newspapers also rely on them as the source of major funding through advertising, making them almost untouchable.

However here at SBC we have no such deal with any bookie and are happy to call it like it is. The fact is that many of the bookmakers regularly pushed onto you, are bad for your wealth and health!

The 5 Top Bookmakers You Must Use

It’s all well and good knowing which bookies to give a very wide berth to, but what about the ones you should actually use?

Sadly, not enough punters know about them and as our headline suggests, less than 1 in 2 people hold accounts with our top 4 bookies.

It’s our ambition to change this and as part of our survey findings in the latest SBC mag, we have published our top 5 must-have bookmakers for all punters that are serious about making greater profits.

This includes the likes of SBObet, a bookmaker who is very highly rated by many shrewd football gamblers and who came 2nd in our survey.

Why exactly are they so good? I will give you but one reason: Better Odds.

And Better Odds = Bigger profits when you win. Which is what we all want isn’t it?

Your 4 Part Football Bookmaker & Betting Guide

All of the above is taken from our forthcoming 4 part football bookmaker and betting guide, due out later today to all Smart Betting Club members.

Its findings will help you to maximise your own football betting profits, open accounts with the right bookmakers and avoid the pitfalls that many punters fall prey to.

For each of our top 5 must-have bookmakers we have a full detailed listing on how to best use them. This includes advice from one football expert who oversees the placement of tens of thousands of pounds worth of bets with many of them each week.

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