Why Backing The ‘Wrong’ Winners Can Cost You Big Time!


In today’s betting world, there is one principle that you must stick to if you want to maximise your betting profits…and it’s one the majority of punters ignore!

I’m talking about punters who follow tipsters (as many very successful punters do) and their reaction when they are sent a hot tip.

The immediate reaction from most punters is to get their bet on immediately as they are desperate to be involved. Very often in doing so they grab the best price they can on the tips put forward.

We’ve all done it, and most of us continue to do it.  But this is exactly why so many gamblers fail to make the level of profit that they really should.

So what is this principle that can transform your betting performance overnight?

It is the principle of securing value. 

Securing value really should be the first and last commandment for anyone who bets, because if you are betting value in every single wager you strike, you will make more money.

And the greater the level of value you secure in each of your bets, the greater the level of profit you will makE.

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The power of value

Take a look at the following tables taken from a very successful horse racing tipster we reviewed in a recent SBC Magazine. It showcases how the odds on the tips they supplied moved after a period of time.

Over 90 bets we observed, the average odds for the tips supplied came in at 5.28/1. Yet what we wanted to find out is just what odds would be available after 15 minutes, 60 minutes and at SP.

As the first table reveals they shifted down to 4.94/1 after 15 minutes, 4.64/1 after 60 minutes and 4.03 at SP.

Odds Tracking SBC

Now to some of you that might not sound too much, especially the difference between the 5.28/1 and 4.94/1 available after 15 minutes…yet you would be wrong.

As the next table reveals, the actually ROI difference is as much as 9.7% within this 15-minute time period. After 60 minutes it becomes 16.5% whilst at SP, you would actually make a loss.

Odds Testing SBC

The lesson we can learn from this is that if your bets don’t carry as much value as they should do, your ROI figures will shrink and potentially dramatically so.

You could ultimately turn a profitable tip into a loss-making one, simply by taking a bad price.

And once again we return to that key concept…securing value on your bets!

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Punters making their betting pay

The above is one of the key lessons made clear in one of our latest series of Practical Punter Reports – as penned by semi-pro gamblers making their betting pay.

Sticking to these value betting principles is a tough ask sometimes, especially if you miss a winning bet due to the value not being there.

For many a gambler, there can be no worse feeling then missing a winning bet…and especially one that had been tipped up to you earlier on. You should have been on…yet you weren’t!

Yet if the tip is for 8/1 and only 6/1 is available – the act of taking 6/1 could end up costing you more in the long run.

However, as this latest Practical Punter Report outlines, by taking this approach long-term you’ll miss out on backing a lot more losers than winners, and the winners you do back will all be at prices carrying exceptional value.

The reward for such discipline is a much higher Return on Investment across your betting portfolio.

By simply walking away when the odds aren’t fully in your favour, you’ll be placing fewer bets…but making more money.


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