How SBC membership can pay for itself many times over with these popular tipster discounts and trials

Last week saw the release of the very latest SBC Tipster Profit Report, featuring our performance updates on 50 different tipster services as monitored by the SBC team.

Each Tipster Profit Report is designed to help you find the very best betting tipsters – those that have proven themselves to be successful over a long period of time.

Yet once you have chosen the tipsters that best suit you, the benefits to a SBC membership don’t end there as courtesy of our unique, 100% independent setup, we are able to negotiate substantial discounts and free trials on many of these top tipsters.

Saving you £££ and often more than the cost of joining the Smart Betting Club in the first place!

Here are a few of the amazing deals you can enjoy now…

SBC Member Free Trials

  • Trial the ‘Hall of Fame’ rated Northern Monkey Punter racing service free for 2 weeks;
  • Trial another proven Hall of Fame racing tipster for just 50p for 15 days;
  • Trial a Hall of Fame rated Darts tipster service free for 30 days;
  • Trial another winning racing tipster for 7 days for just £1.

SBC Member Major Discounts

  • Save £100 on the cost of a season’s subscription to the Hall of Fame rated Scottish Football Bets service (Listen to my podcast chat with the expert behind it!)
  • Save £35 on the cost of your first month with one of the very best racing tipsters in our Hall of Fame;
  • Save 30% on the cost of your first membership with any of our top rated tipsters;
  • Save £25 on the cost of a year’s membership to the outstanding Matchday Profits service;
  • Enjoy 1 month access for free (worth £30) on another highly recommended, Hall of Fame racing tipster

Why We Can Offer These Discounts To You

The Smart Betting Club is proud to be 100% independent and fully focused on helping YOU – the ordinary punter make money from their betting. We are funded by subscription fees from those of you that become a member of the Smart Betting Club.

This independent stance ensures we accept no affiliate deals, bungs or favours in exchange for writing positive reviews, unlike most, if not all other tipster review websites.

So rather than take a cut or a percentage of any sales to the tipsters we review – instead we are able to pass this benefit onto you in the form of discounts on many top tipsters.

Not only do you benefit from reading our unbiased reviews, but you also save substantial sums too. It’s a win-win situation

…And all because you hold a Smart Betting Club membership, which is available from as little as £29.99 per quarter.

In fact, very often just one of these discounts alone can save you more than the cost of joining us at SBC. Combine 2 or 3 together and your SBC membership will pay for itself several times over!

So, if you are keen to learn how to make money betting using tipsters, why not sign-up for a SBC membership today!

See you on the inside…

Best regards,

Peter Ling

Smart Betting Club Editor