The Niche Bets That Turned £1000 into £1714.50 In Just Over 2 Months

One of the best ways to get one over on the bookmaker, is to take them on in events they know precious little about, or simply don’t have the time to research properly.

We call this ‘niche betting’, whereby you develop more expertise in a very specific area of betting – and in doing so, are able to spot when the bookies prices are wrong.

One such proven niche betting expert is a chap who goes by the name of Skeeve, who despite hailing from Eastern Europe – is now a renowned expert on non-league football in England.

It may sound bizarre that someone so far away can be clued up on the fact Braintree are missing a key midfielder or that Chelmsford’s on-loan star is suspended due a sending off in the Hampshire Senior Cup, but it’s true.

He employs a dedicated assistant to help him keep on top of all the frequent changes in personnel at lower league level and scours the forums and blogs to get all the inside knowledge the bookies might not know.

Let’s face it, we all know the injuries, suspensions or issues that Manchester United’s players might have each week, but Gateshead or Sutton United? Even the bookmakers won’t have all those contacts.

£714.50 Profit In Just Over 2 Months

Needless to say, Skeeve’s record is second to none on non-league football and for this season, he is supplying his Shortlist bets to all Smart Betting Club members for free.

This weekend for example, he advised 3 shortlist bets as follows:

  • Southport to overcome a -0.25 Asian Handicap V Kettering at odds of 1.99.
    Bet Collected as Southport won 3-2.
  • Chelmsford to overcome a -1 Asian Handicap V Farnborough at odds of 1.99
    Bet Collected as Chelmsford won 3-1
  • Sutton to overcome a -0.75 Asian Handicap V Staines at odds of 2.02
    Bet Collected as Sutton won 4-1

So a great weekend with 3 out of 3 winning and this only adds to his profitable long-term record, which would have grown your betting bank by 71.45%, since the start of this season alone!

This means a bank of just £1000 would now be £1714.50. Effectively a clear £714.50 profit in just over 2 months – not a bad return at all!

Check out his full stats below, including how well he has started this season – all of which has been and will continue to be available for free to Smart Betting Club members.

Therefore if you are keen to follow in Skeeve’s Shortlist bets each weekend for free – a Smart Betting Club membership is all you need.

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