The Latest On Our 9 Top-Rated Racing Tipsters

With snow falling all across the UK and horse racing only taking place at the likes of Kempton and Wolverhampton last week, no doubt many of you who enjoy betting on the sport of kings (like me) will have been kicking your heels in the past few days.

Whenever this happens I find it the perfect time for a bit of a catch-up and reflection on just how my own betting is going. Therefore I wanted to update you on the latest performance of the 9 top-rated racing tipsters that we monitor and report upon at the Smart Betting Club. To quickly re-cap, these 9 tipster services are all currently in our Hall of Fame – that is fully recommended by us as worth following with your own money.

You can find my original article on the racing tipster performance between January and October here and with the publication of our latest Smart Betting Club newsletter (#55 out last Tuesday), we have all the stats from November to share with you.

That leaves us with 11 full months of racing bets over all types of weather, courses and conditions to check out so let me show you the latest…

November at a Glance

First off a look at how these 9 recommended tipsters fared this November, which isn’t always the easiest of months given the transition from flat to jumps racing.

(Please note – the actual names of each tipster have been protected and are available to full SBC members only).

It was another profitable month, with 8 of the 9 services active (Service 3 resumed on the 1st of December) and 5 of these 8 making a profit. At £10 stakes, the return overall would have been £348.70, which converts to £3,487 at £100 a bet.

The standouts from November were Service’s 2, 4, 5 and 6 who all made a Return on Investment of 29% or more (this basically means that for every £100 staked, you win £29 profit). The biggest loss of the month came from Service’s 6 and 7 although as we will see shortly, they have been on fire for most of the year, so we can forgive them one bad month!

The Scores on the Doors

Of course, we should never read too much into just 1 month’s isolated performance figures as what matters most is that these services produce the goods over time.

Here at SBC we are only interested in those tipsters that can repeatedly make a profit for our members, year in, year out. Anyone can get lucky over a short space of time and bag a few winners, but real skill only becomes obvious over time.

On a side note, does anyone remember the test once carried out, which compared the performance of tips picked by uber-dodgy tipster Derek ‘Thommo’ Thompson against that of a tortoise? It’s become a bit of an urban myth but apparently the tortoise actually won, which just goes to prove the point about getting ‘lucky’ over a short number of bets.

With this in mind, check-out the long-term performance of all our 9 top-rated racing tipsters since the start of 2010.

Combined, these racing tipsters on the whole of performed very well, with a clear consistent profit from 7 of the 9 services. Each tipster has their own methodology, some advise multiple bets each day, some a handful each week and it goes to show there are many ways to skin a betting cat!

The only disappointments are Service 1 and 2, although both of these performed very well in 2009 and are perhaps best considered ‘very patient’ options. With a number of newly reviewed racing tipsters pushing hard for a Hall of Fame space, the pressure is on them to improve before too long.

Find Out More…

If you are keen to find out all the details on the 9 racing tipsters above, their identities and how you can start following them, all of this is available as a Smart Betting Club member.

We place thousands of pounds ourselves each week following these tipsters so as always we put our money where our mouth is.

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