The Independent Guide To Horse Racing Bookmakers

If you are looking for independent advice to help you make money betting then the newly released 4-Part Horse Racing Bookmaker Guide from the Smart Betting Club is here to help.

With over 80% of surveyed Smart Betting Club members reporting a profit betting on horse racing, this guide helps report on the critical topic of the right bookmakers to use (and also those to avoid) to help achieve this.

Featuring the results of a wide-spread survey of SBC members, plus the expertise of the SBC pro gambling editorial team, this unique racing bookmaking guide is available free to all new subscribers the instant you sign-up.

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The 4 part guide reveals:

  • Part 1: The SBC Racing Bookmaker Survey – Find out just who the best and worst rated bookies actually are (and why! – read our members comments) Plus….
    Ratings for 19 different horse racing bookmakers.
    – Details on which racing bookies – a) Close accounts, b) Restrict accounts and c) Allow you to bet via them without issue.
    – How much SBC members are winning betting on horse racing.
    – The independent bookmakers to consider.
  • Part 2: The Top 3 Major & Minor Racing Bookmakers (plus the worst 3) revealing
    – The top rated horse racing bookmakers you should use.
    – The little-known bookmakers you need to open an account with.
    – The high-profile but much maligned bookies you should leave alone.
  • Part 3: An extensive feature review of the bookmaker ‘Racebets’
    – Who they are and SBC’s experience betting heavily with them over a 3 month period.
    – Why you should use them and just how they operate.
    – How you can open a new account and earn a £110 reward (exclusive deal to SBC).
  • Part 4: Interview with professional gambler ‘Mr Gekko’
    – How he was able to generate huge sums betting without major issue.
    – How to avoid triggering bookie ‘speed limits’ on staking levels.
    – How to give off ‘mug punter’ signals to the bookies to throw them off your scent.
    – How pseudo accounts work and how they can help a shrewd punter.

This 4 part guide is available the instant you sign-up for a Smart Betting Club membership. Click here to join today.

ALSO Available: The Football Bookmaker Guide

If you prefer betting on football then don’t worry as we also have a 4-part Football Bookmaker Guide, available to you as an SBC member.

This 4 Part Football Bookmaker & Betting Guide includes:

  • The SBC Football Bookmaker Survey – Find out just who the best and worst rated bookies actually are (and why! – read our members comments).
  • The Football Betting Industry Exposed – Just why are the majority of the media out to ensure you lose money betting? We reveal all!
  • SBC’s 5 Must Have Bookies For Football Betting – Get the lowdown on the little-known bookies who offer the best odds.
  • SBC’s Key Football Betting Resources – Find out the websites and products that can make your betting life easier and more profitable.

Again, this football bookie guide is available for download the instant you sign-up as a Smart Betting Club member.

The great news is that all of this available for the equivalent of just £1.52 per week and with a full money back guarantee if not in any way satisfied once you joined.

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Peter – SBC Editor