The Changing Of The Tipster Guard

In last Friday’s Weekend Wager column I touched briefly about the changing of the guard when it comes to the world of betting tipsters and its something I am keen to unpack further via this blog.

That is because in the 4 and a half years that we have been running the Smart Betting Club there have been massive changes for good when it comes to betting using tipsters.

And as here at SBC we are often termed as helping uncover the Good, The Bad & The Ugly of betting tipsters, I will use this well used phrase to explain it all better to you…

The Bad – Fast Cars, Women & Swimming Pools!

Now the first type of tipster I want to talk about is undoubtedly the worst – the glossy leaflet brigade!

If your only experience of tipsters in the past has been via the glossy brochures that hit your letterbox, it’s no surprise if you have been scared off previously.

The promotions have common themes, often with a chap standing in front of a Porsche (although always in a car showroom!) and images of women in bikinis and pictures of a bundle of cash. All of which is designed to turn your head and get you excited enough to fire some likely sounded geezer £999 + VAT for the dubious privilege of his tips.

These glossy leaflets have now moved onto the Internet, where such tipsters and systems are churned out on a regular basis and the evolution of this uber-dodgy approach continues. At the SBC we report back on all such dubious promotions to our members so they can avoid them like the plague.

The Ugly – Unfair, Unclear & Out Dated

Moving on to the ugly, we have the old school brigade of tipsters who are far from transparent and that use outmoded methods of supplying bets.

Here I am talking about premium phone lines, shady claims of insider information, betting coups and of course –skulduggery when it comes to sharing official actual results.

You know the score, tactics such as

  • – Claiming winners at prices that may not have existed.
  • – Making lots of mentions of big priced horses so if one wins they can claim it was advised as a main bet!
  • – Tipping regular short priced faves that my granny could pick out.
  • – And the old chestnut…making up results!

Many of these tipsters are unfortunately almost household names in betting circles thanks to the cloak and dagger approach they employ. They are often expensive, hard to follow, unpractical and completely non-transparent.

They are thankfully a dying breed and are being replaced by the new breed of professional tipsters….

The Good – The New Breed

Finally we get to the Good and this is where we can help you out.

The tipsters we recommend here at SBC are always those that provide a genuine service, total transparency and proof of results, and whose results can be matched in reality.

This method of operating is 100% more professional and its why so many new people are investing their money in betting using tipsters. Email and text message supply of tips are the order of the day now and any tipster relying on premium phone lines to supply advice belong back in the 80’s with Gordon Gekko and Beta-Max.

Here at SBC we have some firm rules of what we expect from a tipster:

  • – Total transparency of results.
  • – Results also must be proofed and verified by a trusted source.
  • – Availability of odds.
  • – Easy to follow and pick up tips.
  • – Professional customer service.
  • – Sensible subscription fees.

We also take a dim view of any tipster who bases their profits on inside information because its often very unreliable as many such ‘insider’ contacts come and go.

Equally we dont recommend services who ask you to place money for you or who hide behind unproven results.

Through these (and other) rules we now have a fantastic list of proven profitable services that offer great betting advice, who we also follow ourselves.

So if your only experience with tipsters is with the bad and the ugly mentioned above, do check out this new breed that we monitor and report back on to all members. Thanks to the Internet, the standards we have set and a new tipster professionalism, the industry has moved on a huge amount in the last few years.