The SBC Interviews: Malcolm Boyle

The wit and wisdom of a bookmaking legend with more than 40 years experience ‘on both sides of the counter’.

Malcolm Boyle is a legend in the bookmaking world. A former odds compiler at Coral in the 1980s, he worked with the renowned Joe Fagan before branching out to run his own bookmaking chain in London. As a writer he is best known for the groundbreaking title: Win At Fixed Odds Football Betting, the first book to treat the subject seriously and introduce the concepts of value betting to football. Now firmly ensconced on ‘our side of the counter’ Malcolm’s expertise manifests itself in a welter of racing columns and comment for the likes of Channel 4, Talk Sport and BBC radio. He notably supplies analysis for , and The Tote.

Here, in an exclusive taster for the SBC Blog, Malcolm gives his low-down on pricing, punting and a life spent as both poacher and gamekeeper. The following extract is taken from the first part of an exclusive two-part interview as published in the latest Smart Betting Club members Magazines. Continue reading