The Transfer Insider: Implosion at St James Park

In the last few weeks I’ve covered the various sagas involving Carlos Tevez, Samir Nasri, Cesc Fabregas and Luka Modric, nothing has happened and unless you’re them, their agent or their club it is basically guesswork – it could easily be the same for the aforementioned foursome as well.  Such are the wheels within wheels that surround them that they simply may not know themselves whether they are coming or going.

At a guess, I’d say Tevez and Nasri will probably have to stay, while Fabregas and Modric could be off – I’m leaving that now, they’re all covered enough anyway – I’d suggest keeping tabs on Gazetta Dello Sport (Italy), Marca (Spain), quotes emitting from Catalan radio (Barcelona) and the BBC, Sky and the London Evening Standard to get the best idea what’s going on with their respective situations.

The Joey Barton Saga & Newcastle For The Drop?

You may recall I mentioned Joey Barton was an Aston Villa target a few weeks ago and following the latest twist in the drama Alex McLeish could be tempted to make a move.  The situation has of course dramatically changed and Continue reading