New podcast interview with professional horse racing punter, Lee Keys

For those of you interested in horse racing, the UK bookmaking scene or just profitable betting in general then the latest SBC podcast interview will be of major interest!

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My guest in Episode 24 is professional racing punter, Lee Keys, a man who has made a living from betting on racing for the past 25 years and someone who knows a thing or two about beating the bookmaker.

As well as exploring Lee’s edge in the racing world, we also discuss some of the changes being proposed for UK bettors and the serious implications they will have if introduced.

We also explore Lee’s recent issues with the Betfair exchange and why they have been making life so difficult for many at the top of their punting game, plus his usage of offshore and ‘whatsapp’ bookies as a solution to getting his bets on.

Lee also discusses why so many punters multi account these days using cheap mobile phones including his tips on how to prime new accounts and go under the radar.

All told it’s a revealing insight into not only what Lee has achieved over the years but his take on the modern betting world and how to carve out a continuous edge.

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