3 Ways To Follow This Proven Football Betting System

Last night’s 1-0 win for QPR over Chelsea may have been a shock to some, but for those of you following our Free Proven Football Betting System – the ‘Fink Tank’, it was the latest in a line of big priced winning bets that its put forward.

Added to other recent winners such as Aston Villa to beat Liverpool and Sunderland to beat Man City, this free proven football system is on course for its 3rd consecutive profitable season in the English Premier League.

Since the start of the 2010/11 season, from 845 bets selected, it has generated a £92.68 profit at £1 level stakes. Increasing stakes to £25 per bet would have taken your profit up to £2,317.00 as the table below indicates:

Fink Tank

The great news is that you can now follow the Fink Tank yourself in 3 different ways…

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