How Experts Like Ed Hawkins Win When Betting

According to renowned author Malcolm Gladwell, to become truly good at something takes at least 10,000 hours of honest endeavour and continued practice.

Be it the Beatles playing every night for 8 hours in Hamburg before they made it big, or in our cases, an expert who spends his life poring over betting markets, there is much to be learnt from those who have put in the hard yards.

Its one reason why  each month at the Smart Betting Club, we conduct an interview with an expert from the betting industry, to try and tap into their knowledge base for the benefit of our members.

In doing so we can get answers to questions such as:

  • How exactly do they make money betting?
  • And most importantly…how can you do the same?

All of this is why we were so delighted when the Times and Betfair betting columnist Ed Hawkins agreed to answer some of our questions in our latest magazine. Continue reading